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Supporting advocates with specialist industry expertise

Industry is witnessing an increasing number of legal disputes in order to resolve disagreement. In just the last 2 years the number of industrial arbitrations worth in excess of $1 billion rose by over 50%. In addition, the legal teams involved in such disputes find themselves increasingly dealing with specialised issues that require high levels of industry expertise.

Selecting those with the appropriate skills poses a challenge for companies and lawyers alike, especially where the subject matter requires a multi-disciplinary approach. The need for deep technical or operational expertise to understand complex, industry-specific problems does not negate the pre-requisite for the financial expertise to quantify them.

PA’s advocacy support service provides access to highly skilled and experienced practitioners with considerable technical, financial and operational literacy. Our consultants have typically spent many years in their respective fields prior to joining PA. PA is also the only top-tier management consultancy with its own technical laboratories. Our consultants actually design and build the industry-changing solutions that others only commentate on. This backdrop ensures the depth of expertise necessary for credible advocacy support work.

PA’s unique approach
PA provides legal teams with a structured, but above all collaborative approach that helps identify key issues rapidly, substantiate arguments using robust, detailed and exhaustive analysis, present findings clearly and defend the results convincingly. Our methodology is structured into the following phases:

• Discovery: this involves the review and validation of a large amount of core and supporting material. We crystallize, structure and validate our ideas on potential approaches before communicating our prioritised findings to counsel for debate

• Analysis: we investigate, develop and substantiate arguments through the use of a wide range of referenced technical, strategic, financial and economic methodologies. In rebuttal we systematically disaggregate and rationalise opposition argumentation

• Delivery: we simplify complex argumentation in order to make it accessible to non-industry audiences. We find it important to build an interesting storyline and use consistent and clear messaging to assist audience understanding. Finally, we deliver high quality reports, presentations and supporting submission materials, exploiting our full compliment of in-house reprographic services

• Presentation: we provide a practised deposition by seasoned industry experts, a measured approach to conferencing and cross-examination and clear, credible portrayal of analysis grounded in the evidence base.

To find out more about PA's advocacy support services or to speak to one of our experts, please contact us now.

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