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Quantum technology

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The opportunity of embracing quantum technologies 

Quantum technology is arriving and will bring significant improvements to the performance of products and services across markets such as computing, sensing, security, medical, civil engineering and mineral exploration.

Governments around the world are investing billions in its development. And there’s an enormous business opportunity – the global quantum technology market will be worth $13.3 billion by 2023, according to market intelligence company Mind Commerce.

To succeed in the quantum revolution, organisations will need to embrace innovation at every level, from supply chains and production methods to people and technology.

Are you ready to be bold and get ahead?


Discover how to plan for quantum technology with our business guide

Download our guide to learn why now is the time to act on the quantum technology opportunity, how it will evolve and what you need to do to effectively plan your quantum technology investment.


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We can help you

  • To make the most of quantum technologies, you’ll need strategies tailored to your market and business. Building such a strategy takes an understanding of both quantum technologies and your industry. That’s why we take a system-wide approach, putting quantum technology into the context of a disruptive plan across commercial, technical and operational functions.

     We can help you:

    • build the business case for change through market, customer and technology insights that identify opportunities for quantum technologies
    • design business models to take advantage of quantum technologies
    • create the development plan and roadmap  for market entry
    • design the plan with sustainability and circularity in mind
    • mitigate any ethical concerns around the quantum technology, such as privacy
    • carefully introduce quantum technology to minimise disruption in your organisation and bring your people along on the journey
    • develop investment strategies in quantum technology
  • Responding quickly to quantum technology opportunities requires rapid development of prototypes to test their commercial potential. Our diverse teams of scientists, engineers and strategists work with our quantum and industry experts to accelerate product development using agile methods.

    We can help you:

    • rapidly develop quantum prototypes at our Global Innovation and Technology Centre
    • create enduring partnerships with academia to exploit research technology
    • establish and foster supply chains to bring sustainable products to life
    • design and build end products by integrating quantum and conventional technologies
    • scale from prototype to product at pace
  • For quantum technology to reach its potential, governments need to build public confidence in it, ensure ideas can move easily from research to reality and remove hurdles to export. Meanwhile, investors need to understand the development paths of the technology, explore its full potential and find new ways to assess risk and reward. Our quantum technology experts draw on the expertise of our industry, public sector and economics experts to advise on all these areas.

    We can help you:

    • deliver complex cross-organisation programmes
    • advise on how to link end users and quantum innovators
    • understand and overcome national and international blockers to export
    • assess the evolution path to understand a technology’s full potential
    • rebalance risk and reward assessments to cater for such a disruptive new technology 




Paul Martin

Quantum technology expert

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