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Hack the Highways

In partnership with O2 and Highways England



Hack-a-thon - Hack the Highways

How can the UK highways industry drive better, data-driven outcomes?

We believe there’s an opportunity to exploit the value of the data that is already collected, including combining it with other datasets and working together across industry to solve some of the sector’s most complex problems.

However, the organisations involved in the collection and handling of data are often disconnected which means the highways sector is slow to exploit the value of data.

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What is Hack the Highways?

Hack the Highways, organised by PA Consulting in partnership with O2 and Highways England will explore how anonymised mobile phone data about the journeys we make can help the roads industry solve critical challenges, from congestion and maintenance to poor air quality. 

The hackathon will bring roads, automotive, telecoms and technology sectors together with more traditional engineering and construction firms to create an integrated approach to solving some of the roads sector’s most complex problems.  By encouraging this kind of collaboration, the initiative will help to break down barriers and silos that have been a problem for the roads supply chain in the past. 

The participants from over 20 organisations will work with data scientists, behavioural psychologists and engineers and have exclusive access to O2’s data set - capturing 140m road user journeys, and a range of other open data sources from Highways England, the Met Office and other data providers. They will be working in collaborative teams to find data-driven insights to improve drivers’ experience across the country.

When is it?

The Hack the Highways event will take part at the premier roads conference, Highways UK this November. Selected teams will be presenting their insights and recommendations to senior industry attendees, live at Highways UK on 6-7 November 2019.

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