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A bold approach to new technology

The strategic role of RegTech to simplify compliance

Scott Paton, PA's risk and compliance expert says “Compliance today is reliant upon manual processes, lots of human intervention and a significant investment by firms as they seek to comply with existing regulations and adapt to new incoming regulations. This is unsustainable. There is an answer to this and it lies, of course, in the adoption of technology.”

How can RegTech help you solve your compliance challenges?


How we can help

  • Whatever your regulatory challenge our deep regulatory knowledge combined with our technology insights means we can recommend RegTech solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • We have disruptive change, regulatory and agile experts who can advise you on the benefits and efficiencies from embracing new approaches to compliance underpinned by RegTech. 
  • Our world-leading Agile capabilities also mean we are uniquely positioned to help you work through on-boarding, implementation and launch of new RegTech solutions quickly, and in a way that is easy to scale.
  • We use our extensive first-hand experience working with regulators to help clients understand their perspectives and expectations and ensure RegTech solutions truly meet your regulatory requirements in the most effective way, minimising risks.

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Scott Paton

PA financial services expert

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