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Digital technologies are key to delivering an organisations’ strategy. That could be innovating to create new products, helping businesses to address new opportunities and challenges or enabling governments to better meet the needs of citizens. But given the rapid development of new technologies, the advent of digital ecosystems to deliver even greater value to customers and citizens, and the risk of obsolescence, it can be hard for organisations to keep up and know where they should be putting their money. We believe that to understand the potential impact of technology you can’t just write about it, you have to experience it – so we help clients do this.

At our Digital Innovation Lab, we help clients understand the value and impact of tomorrow's digital technologies today. This includes:

  • discovering important new digital technologies
  • using real-life client scenarios to evaluate the impact of these technologies
  • building rapid prototypes to bring the technology to life.

As a result, we help our clients innovate faster and start using technology sooner.

How we can help

Our team of futurists, digital strategists, Agile software engineers and user-experience designers combine world-class technical insight with in-depth industry knowledge. We build proof-of-concept demonstrators and prototypes in response to real business challenges. That way you can quickly test ideas with users and see how those ideas can deliver real value.

Our expertise includes:

  • Horizon scanning – we identify the game-changing developments in technology, markets and customer demand that are most likely to impact on your organisation
  • FutureWorlds – we help organisations develop a shared view of the future, creating practical strategies that can flex and adapt to future uncertainties
  • Hands-on technology demos – we hold hands-on technology demos to stimulate thinking about how the technology could drive innovation within your organisation
  • Ideation workshops – we run workshops to help you think creatively about how new digital technologies might drive innovation and growth
  • User experience design – we design innovative digital experiences and bring them to life with proof-of-concept demonstrators
  • Rapid prototyping – we use rapid prototyping to allow clients to experience hands-on technology and show how it can deliver real value.

Our recent work


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