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Mining care pathways to drive innovation and value

The critical step in building integrated healthcare solutions

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Life sciences companies often focus too narrowly on the decisions and actions around the time of prescribing. Investigating and understanding the whole care pathway can reveal new opportunities and provide a framework to engage all stakeholders across a healthcare system about the benefits and value of a medicine whilst at the same time aligning and coordinating the business towards shared objectives and goals; improving outcomes and creating value for patients, healthcare systems and the company.

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Understanding care pathways

  1. Care pathways help companies answer fundamental business questions
    Understanding care pathways provide a series of new perspectives and insights to address many of the issues challenging pharmaceutical companies, whilst simultaneously providing a vehicle to engage the full range of stakeholders involved in healthcare today. Care pathways can help answer critical questions regarding how to unlock value, optimise internal resources, as well as how to achieve market access, new opportunities, stakeholder understanding.
  2. Care pathway mapping drives growth for in-line brands and is essential for launch brands
    Mapping and understanding care pathways identifies new growth opportunities for existing promoted brands. However, it is essential for launch brands as it enables companies to predict and plan to overcome the challenges they will face before, during and after launch.
  3. Care pathways prioritise health solution development
    Care pathways are crucial to informing health solution development. But when done effectively they provide an additional crucial insight – the barriers to changing clinical practice.

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What is a care pathway?

Guidelines are supposed to ensure that the “right patients get the right treatments”, unfortunately they mostly just cover the diagnosis and treatment processes (see the diagram below). Ensuring the right patients get the right treatments requires that several different care processes operate in a coordinated and seamless manner. Care pathways describe all these sequences and steps that make up medical care.

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Four potential barriers to change

Care pathways are crucial to informing health solution development, and when done effectively they provide an additional crucial insight: the barriers to changing clinical practice. There are many potential barriers which prevent or slow changes in clinical practice and behaviours. Often we see solutions developed with little real appreciation of what is preventing clinicians and HCPs delivering the great care they wish to.

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Our care pathway approach

PA’s Care Pathway approach enables companies to leverage their full business wide capabilities to realise the opportunities uncovered and capture the benefits for both themselves, their customers and patients. Our approach also provides a great platform for companies to engage key customers, stakeholders and opinion leaders differently and to bring them within the solution development process creating advocates to help drive solution implementation.

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Download the report

Download mining care pathways report

Our report helps the life sciences company executive unlock additional value by giving an understanding of how:

  • care pathways can be turned into a tool to better understand pain-points, value-loss, and possible solutions
  • different stakeholders may think, feel and react to a treatment.

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