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The future of social care

What does the future hold for social care? An ageing population, relentless cost pressures and concerns around the sustainability of care mean the social care sector is facing a complex series of challenges and opportunities. To drive beneficial transformation and make a difference for the most vulnerable in the community, social care commissioners and care providers must consider radical solutions. Ultimately the key is to enable and support people to live independently in their own homes for longer – but how can this be achieved?

More about our social care report

Our report, ‘The future of social care’, helps to answer these questions. Drawing on PA’s successful track record of helping councils to achieve social care excellence, the report highlights how our approach has not only improved financial sustainability but also transformed the lives of service users and their carers. In addition, the report shares the views of senior professionals in the adult social care community, and explores some of the innovative approaches that social care commissioners and providers are using to maintain service standards while improving value for money.

To find out more about how providers of adult social care can improve service while responding to rising costs, please contact us now or follow @stevecarefull, PA adult social care expert, on Twitter.

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