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Successful post-merger integration in the life sciences industry

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Post-merger integration capabilities - UK

In the life sciences, as in all industries, successful post-merger integration is essential to rapidly realise the expected value of the transaction. A successful transition requires efficiently and effectively managing the integration of two corporate cultures, processes and systems, while at the same time ensuring employee engagement and continuing to deliver great customer service.

Slow progress with post-merger integration, or making the wrong decisions in a hurry, often leads to failure to deliver the shareholder return expected from the transaction, and may leave the organisation with sub-optimal processes or systems for years to come.

Special challenges on post-merger integration in life sciences

In the life sciences industry, we see specific activities that are complex and therefore high risk during a transition. These include, the complexity of merging the quality documents of two companies, integrating sales forces and their activities without disruption to the customers, and migrating complex training records which are required for compliance purposes.

PA Consulting Group understands the specific challenges the life sciences industry faces with post-merger integration and has experience in supporting complex transitions while safeguarding compliance with regulatory requirements. PA can ensure post-merger integration is completed rapidly and effectively by applying our deep knowledge of the life sciences industry with our extensive merger and acquisition experience.

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