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The Golden Few: Lessons in talent management from tennis, TV and the catwalk

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The golden few

Truly exceptional talent can transform an organisation. The highest of high flyers take a business in new directions and help it achieve incredible achievements. And yet most businesses don’t run special talent programmes to identify and develop their most gifted people. They assume that standard development programmes will suffice. In so doing, they risk letting ‘the golden few’ slip through their fingers. 

The worlds of sport, arts and academia know different. The success of organisations in these sectors is built on finding and nurturing extraordinary talent – so they go to extraordinary lengths to make it happen. As a result, talent management in these fields holds valuable lessons for any organisation looking for the elite group that will shape their future.

Our talent management research, ‘The Golden Few’, shows you how to apply the approaches used in sport, academia and the creative industries. It will help you find and develop the exceptional talent your business needs to stay ahead.

Some of the talent management approaches taken by leading organisations in these fields – including the Lawn Tennis Association, BBC Vision and Storm Model Management – include:

  • relying on intuition more than on formal talent definition
  • recognising that special talent requires special attention
  • understanding that gifted people need a ‘secure base’
  • letting talented people take the organisation in a new direction
  • offering talent a wide range of career options.


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Download the key findings from our research, ‘The Golden Few’

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