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Higher Education: Tough questions, informed decisions 



Higher education in the UK is changing. Rising undergraduate tuition fees, the relaxation of number controls for recruiting AAB+ and ABB+ students, increased global competition for overseas students, plus changes in research funding create challenges for universities. As a result, higher education leaders must take strategic and business decisions that are different and more complex than in the past.  

How can universities make better use of the information available to them to make intelligent business decisions? 

PA works with universities in a collaborative approach to help them frame questions, model choices and evaluate options for the future, so that they are able to make informed, intelligent decisions that are focused on outcomes.  

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A framework for better decision-making

Our approach suggests that :

  • before developing any models, universities must frame and agree the business problems and questions to be addressed

  • addressing complex business decisions requires universities to consider a number of different input variants, scenarios and options

  • to ensure a robust evaluation of options that avoids bias (either real or perceived) universities must develop a transparent and objective approach that provides an audit trail for future decision-making

  • a collaborative approach is much more effective than simply developing modelling tools and presenting a set of 'answers'

  • combining quantitative and qualitative analysis with a highly collaborative process results in universities having a better understanding of their business and options for the future.

To find out how your higher education institution can make more intelligent business decisions, please contact us now. 


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