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Unlocking the potential of people in product development

Summary report from PA’s product development symposium

Successful product development depends having the right people and the right working culture is key to successful product development, but many companies ask how they can best achieve this.

To find the answer and discuss how to realise the potential of product development teams,  20 leading product developers came together at a product development symposium hosted by PA Consulting Group and the University of Cambridge.

The symposium considered a wide variety of product development challenges, including recruitment, identifying product development leaders, understanding how teams evolve, recognising key skills and anticipating how culture and personal leadership style influence success. Viewpoints were shared from organisations in sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals and medical devices to large engineering firms and consumer product manufacturers.

Our product development report, based on this rich and fascinating debate, explores how companies can:

  • develop the skills, abilities and behaviours they want the members of product development teams to display

  • form and lead successful product development teams

  • create a culture where product development can flourish

The product development symposium brought together the results of a survey of product developers, insights from PA experts in technology and people management, views from University of Cambridge academics on the education of product developers and the wide range of experiences of guest company speakers. Interactive sessions served to consolidate viewpoints on a spectrum of topics.

This symposium is part of is an on-going series which brings together contemporary theory and real-life examples of solutions to the challenges of product development.

Comment from an event delegate:

“I find these discussions very stimulating. Many of the things I hear I already know, but you always get a new insight… We think that because we have 20-30 years of experience in product development we know it all but there are always evolutionary approaches to things, and there is always the insight that can lead you to a revolutionary change”.

Hear more views from delegates at PA’s product development symposium.

To find out how PA can help you protect value by developing a technology development and commercialisation strategy which is fit for the future, contact us now.


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