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Intel commissioned PA white paper on Cloud Mobile Networks


PA Consulting Group helped Intel Corporation demonstrate the potential for up to 29% Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings in future network architectures

Intel Corporation commissioned PA to develop an independent view of the value of driving future network architectures into the cloud – a compelling step for delivering mobile broadband.

The Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is the next generation of cellular core networks, vital for new mobile broadband data services. The paper looks at the value proposition for network operators and telecoms equipment manufacturers (TEMs) of adopting such a cloud-based architecture for the EPC based on Intel’s Multi-Core Intel Architecture (MCIA). It draws on interviews and workshops with leading operators and TEMs.

The white paper concludes that migration to the Cloud will change the nature of mobile infrastructure for good:

  • Cloud EPC can deliver up to 29% TCO savings

  • Using industry-standard open platforms can foster a more competitive environment.

  • Cloud EPC can help integrate operators' networks and IT stacks, leading to reduced Time-To-Market for new service introductions and simplified business and operational processes.

Cloud-based architectures have evolved as the de-facto approach for the provision of a wide range of IT services over the past five years, generating substantial cost savings and other benefits for both operators and consumers of these services. Cloud technology is maturing fast and has reached a stage where it can be considered a contender for the next generation platform for traditional network and communication equipment.

In looking at the value proposition of Cloud EPC, the white paper presents both qualitative and quantitative analyses of the impact that adopting this architecture could have on mobile operators and TEMs. To support this paper, we also generated a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model to capture the various cost drivers behind mobile operators' core networks and to quantify the cost differences achievable through deploying and operating Cloud EPC.

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