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Industrial Engineering

Our approach

We help you maximise competitiveness by optimising performance in your production operations and across the supply chain.

Insights from our experts

What we can do for you

What we can do for you

We work with manufacturers and suppliers. So wherever your business sits in the value chain, we can help you see the bigger picture. With a strong technical focus, we bring you solutions that work for the challenges you face now and help you make sense of the changes ahead.

Here's what we can help with:

Building more innovative, more intelligent supply chains

We help you make better use of data to coordinate supply and demand, and improve supply chain performance.

Exploiting the potential of automation and machine-to-machine communication

We help you make the right technology investments so your business is ready to thrive as the future of manufacturing transforms.

Make the Artificial Real: AI, automation and you

Finding and seizing new opportunities from digitalisation

We help you identify new sources of revenue from data-driven services and build new business models to realise them.

Digital Business

Embracing the benefits of servitization

We help industrial companies engage more with their customers' operations – this is a fast-growing concept within manufacturing.


How we’ll work with you

We love to innovate. That includes drawing on technologies and approaches from other sectors to find new solutions to your challenges. With our hands-on engineering capability, we can conceptualise ideas and then implement real-world solutions – not just write reports. We don’t just pay lip service to the concept of ‘one team working’. We embed our consultants in your organisation so we can work together to achieve your goals. Like this, project delivery is more efficient and we get you the results you want faster.


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Fredrik Johansson

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Hans Houmes

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