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Connected drug delivery devices

Our approach

Patients are demanding more from their medicines than just convenience and ease of use. With everyday consumer products setting a new standard, patients want products to be engaging, environmentally sustainable, and to reduce the burden of their disease. For pharmaceutical companies to meet this demand and to benefit from the shift to outcome-based reimbursement, they need to develop connected drug delivery devices and integrate them into wider digital ecosystems.

To help pharmaceutical companies seize the opportunity of connected drug delivery devices, we’ve built on more than 40 years’ experience designing, developing, manufacturing and commercialising drug delivery systems, from auto-injectors to inhalers. We’ve combined this experience with our world-class digital development and implementation capabilities to help you unlock the full potential of connected drug delivery systems.

Our insights

What we can do for you

Our multi-disciplinary team can support you to:

Develop differentiated products

We develop environmentally sustainable, patient-friendly connected drug delivery systems that can enable the effective delivery of a wide range of medicines, from small molecules through to complex biopharmaceuticals.

Enable self-administration

We develop products that patients can use at home or in the clinic, and facilitate the transition of products from in-clinic administration to self-administration at home. Products administered at home deliver higher patient satisfaction as they are more convenient, reduce the emphasis on patients’ disease-state and cut the economic impact of missing work. They also reduce the burden on healthcare services.

Use digital solutions to improve outcomes

We integrate connected devices with digital ecosystems to enrich clinical studies, increase engagement between physicians and patients, and improve compliance, resulting in better treatment outcomes.

Leverage deep insights from patient data

With the move towards outcome-based healthcare, we help our clients use the rich data provided by digital solutions to offer better treatment options in the most cost-effective way.

Navigate complex development programmes

We help our clients meet the clinical, regulatory, supply chain, data security and privacy requirements of products that combine drugs, devices and digital solutions. We couple this with our systems-modelling approach to market access to ensure a successful commercialisation route.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

Our experts bring deep experience of connected drug delivery systems and how they add value to both patients and businesses through digital ecosystems. Our multi-disciplinary teams work closely with your teams from initial concepts through to commercialisation, aligning our approach to your culture so our recommendations are practical, realistic and achievable.


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