Improving hospital efficiency

With insights that transform productivity

Hospitals today are under pressure to deliver more with less. They need to increase efficiency, improve productivity and cut costs – with the ultimate goal of improving quality of care for patients.

Doing this successfully requires the right insight, at the right time, to improve key processes. This has always been the case, but the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of good data to support effective patient care.

Our suite of tools help Trusts turn the vast amounts of data they have into actionable insights to drive sustainable change. They provide hospitals with the information they need to provide better patient care and improve productivity across the whole hospital, including patient flows and staffing.

The number of patients waiting for treatment rose from 4.2 million to 10 million during the initial coronavirus peak.* * projections by NHS Confederation 2020
The NHS Long Term Plan sets out plans to deliver efficiency savings equivalent to around £1 billion each year.* * NHS Long Term Plan, 2019
The NHS Long Term Plan sets out the plan for all patients to be given a ‘digital’ consultation option, reducing visits to hospital by a third.* * NHS Long Term Plan, 2019

Our tools give everyone from hospital CIOs to consultants valuable insights that let them:

  • Use outpatient data to improve capacity and delivery models
  • Use theatre data to maximise utilisation and throughput
  • Use inpatient data to improve Length of Stay and flow through the hospital
  • Use workforce data to identify and support areas of high premium spend

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