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Policing and justice

Our approach

With shifting demand, new technologies and tighter budgets, adaptation is vital to policing and justice. Recovering from the impact of COVID-19, for example, has created new challenges and opportunities. To meet the needs of a rapidly changing world, it will be essential to maintain the vision and values of your organisation while embracing new ideas and improving services.

By working at local, regional and national levels, we’ve developed an understanding of the bigger picture and an appreciation of frontline and local issues. We can navigate the complexity of the justice system while understanding the importance of tactical improvements.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been supporting policing and justice organisations around the world. Whether it’s identifying and delivering efficiency savings for a local police force, designing new digital courts services, or addressing the people implications of a major restructuring of the Probation Service, our people have the understanding, skills and proven working relationships to achieve enduring results.


What we can do for you

The past two decades have seen fundamental shifts in society that impact policing and the justice system, such as changing patterns of crime, the growing use of digital technology and new expectations of the state. Organisations within the justice system are striving to keep pace and adapt to new technologies, adopt new ways of working and introduce new services. Frequently, this requires large-scale, complex transformation.

We support all aspects of police and justice transformation, from the business case for investing in new capabilities to implementing new operational services.

We can help you:

  • Make the case for change

    We worth with you to explore your options and build your business case. We were the first consultancy accredited by HM Treasury as a Better Business Cases™ training organisation and have delivered some of the most complex cases in policing, emergency services and justice.

  • Design new operating models

    We have a history of designing new operating models for whole organisations, specific functions or shared services between organisations. Our pragmatic experts can work with you to rethink your organisation for the future and translate that design into the detail of processes and roles. We also provide enterprise, solution and data architecture services to maintain coherence across complex technology estates through a transformation process.

  • Understand and deliver digital solutions

    We partner with organisations to understand and deliver digital strategies and services, and anchor them in user insight.

  • Drive technology-enabled change projects 

    Our diverse teams of experts drive technology projects to time and budget, collaborating with suppliers. So, whether you need new infrastructure or applications, we can implement the tools you need and support the associated business change.

  • Create insight from data

    Our expertise in demand analysis, analytics and business intelligence help you create more effective resource models and insight-rich performance dashboards. We can also support you in understanding the ethical application of different forms of artificial intelligence.

  • Transform your workforce

    All police and justice organisations depend on maintaining skilled and resilient workforces to deliver their operations. Our experts support your end-to-end people change initiatives, from strategy, through design to implementation. We’ve helped countless organisations with recruitment, skills and learning, leadership and culture, and building key capabilities such as organisational resilience and change.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We know every agency and local area is different, so we won’t use standard models or provide you with a stock solution. We bring deep insight into how the justice system works, which enables us to quickly get to know your specific challenges and vision for the future. We then combine that with the specialist and technical capabilities you need and work alongside you to achieve your goals.


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