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Digital outcomes in the public sector

We pride ourselves on delivering the right outcomes for our Government and public sector clients.

Our teams are made up of of the right specialists for the job; whether it's the implementation of a new public service to a set deadline or the need to cut costs through a shift to digital, a need to increase customer take-up and engagement or to define and agree the vision and roadmap for a new service area - you can trust us to work with you to deliver the outcomes you seek.

Digital capabilities

We have skills and experience in all of the capability areas on the framework; we bring together teams with the right expertise to meet your requirements and deliver the outcomes you seek.

Service delivery

Our service delivery teams have experience across government and the public sector, developing and delivering new services as well as driving digital transformation. We understand both the technical and the organisational aspects of service delivery. We are able to combine expertise in service design and transformation, IT/digital delivery, solution development and business change to help our clients deliver new transformative digital services. We are experienced operators in multi-supplier environments, using GDS, agile and traditional delivery methodologies. Examples of our work include:

  • Home Office - we are leading the largest Agile programme in UK government
  • Health - we have delivered a cloud based collaboration platform used by over 10k health researchers saving some users over 14 hours a week
  • John Lewis - we are supporting delivery and development of their eCommerce platform having helped them hit their £1BN online sales target a year early

We can support you to deliver great outcomes through new digital services, our expertise includes deep domain knowledge in:

  • Agile coaching and delivery
  • Digital service design and delivery
  • Programme and project management
  • Digital communications & engagement
  • Product management
  • Service management
  • Supplier management

Software development

We build, test and deploy digital services, APIs, front end applications and back end systems and integrations, often using cloud-based services as well as off-the-shelf products. We are highly experienced in agile delivery methods and work to GDS methodology. Examples of our work include:

  • Health - we delivered a new digital service taking in from concept to delivery in just 16 weeks, delivering 343 story points and growing the client's agile capability in the process
  • Met Office - we scoped, developed and delivered an award winning cloud-based weather observations online service weeks that has now collected over 750 million observations world-wide
  • Drayson Technologies - We co-developed the portable air-quality sensor, the smart-phone application and the cloud-based internet services for this unique device powered by Freevolt™ technology, which harvests wasted energy from wireless transmissions

Our software development services include:

  • Application development
  • Mobile application development
  • API development
  • Cloud-based service development
  • Content management systems
  • Customer relationship management
  • Database development
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) development
  • Machine learning
  • Search
  • Systems integration

User research

We apply a user-centred approach throughout the development lifecycle to ensure services are designed and developed to meet their end users' needs. We use a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques, including ethnographic research, interviews and usage data, to better understand, profile and segment your service's intended users. We use this to create a strong evidence base with actionable insights that help to define the future user experience and service design. We continue to use those techniques during Alpha and Beta phases routinely running face-to-face usability testing on prototypes, new designs and live services. Examples of our work include:

  • Health - we engaged 6,000 medical and dental trainees to create a roadmap towards a cloud-hosted shared data service
  • Manufacturer - we engaged target users in multiple ergonomic tests as part of product concept design to create a next generation smart home device
  • MetOffice - we engaged over 1,000 users using online tools as well as face to face paper prototyping sessions to provide an evidence base for the redesign of the MetOffice website

Our user research expertise includes:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Planning and managing user research and 3rd parties
  • User segmentation and persona definition
  • User needs and insights
  • Ethnographic research
  • Concept and usability testing

User experience & design

We build on the insights gained from user research to design and develop intuitive and engaging experiences which deliver your desired outcomes. We apply user centred design techniques in line with GDS guidelines to design end to end user experiences and the underlying interface and interaction design. It is our strong belief that if it doesn't work for the user it doesn't work. Our UX designers are experienced at working in multi-disciplinary agile teams.

  • Health - we have designed an online portal and syndication strategy to accelerate the recruitment to NHS-supported clinical trials
  • Regulator - we used user segmentation and personas to design the future user experience for the clients' key external stakeholders

Our capabilities cover:

  • User experience and user journey design
  • Interaction and interface design
  • Creating accessible and responsive multi-device designs
  • Content design and execution; graphics, copywriting and animation
  • Cross-platform design
  • Online reach and engagement strategies
  • Information architecture and taxonomy definition
  • Prototyping - paper, concept and interactive prototypes

Testing & auditing

Everything we deploy has passed industry-standard manual and automated testing to ensure that users get the best experience and the outcomes you seek. We have a solid track record of formulating and implementing and executing test strategies, delivery assurance of complex, multi-vendor programmes of change and recovery of troubled projects and programmes.

  • We de-risked the launch a bank's new mobile app by taking on the system testing
  • We assured that one of Google's real-time music experiences would scale and perform globally at launch.

Our testing and assurance capabilities cover:

  • Accessibility testing
  • Programme/delivery assurance
  • Technical assurance
  • Accessibility and usability testing
  • Load and performance testing
  • Penetration and security testing
  • Software and system auditing

Support & operations

We can help you to support a wide range of current and emerging technologies. As well as designing, developing and deploying solutions using the latest cutting-edge technology, we have the skills and experience to operate, support and manage these solutions on our clients’ behalf, whether incubating solutions until clients’ can take the support back in-house or providing them with a managed service. Operating primarily from our Cambridge Technology Centre (UK), we provide a broad range of services including end user helpdesk, cloud infrastructure monitoring, operations & management, DevOps, application & database support, third-party & vendor management, and ITIL®-compliant incident, problem and change management. Examples include:

  • PA provides a managed IT service to 10,000 health researchers and support staff in the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Our UK-based support team provide NIHR users with a multi-cloud solution including Google Apps for Work,, ServiceNow and other in-house applications hosted on public cloud platforms.
  • The Clinical Research Network Co-ordinating Centre at the University of Leeds relies on PA to operate, support and manage its cloud-based IT services which are used by over 23,000 users throughout the UK who are involved in the delivery and management of clinical research in the NHS.

Our capabilities cover:

  • Customer support
  • Application support
  • Firewall management
  • Hosting
  • Incident management
  • Monitoring
  • Network administration
  • Systems administration
  • Service desk

Performance analysis & data

We use a range of industry recognised tools and cloud-based platforms to help model, visualise and enhance the quality of your data. We can help you to make better decisions about the outcomes that matter generating the insight you need to make decisions when and where you need it. Examples include:

  • Government - We designed, developed and implemented a management information platform that has uncovered issues, dispelled myths and enabled confident planning for the first time
  • NHS England - We integrated over 100 quality of care indicators from 15 sources into a rich visualisation to provide at-a-glance insight on status, trends and patterns in this award winning project
  • Insurance broker - We used RapidMiner and Qlikview to draw insights from 12 terabytes of data to model the customer lifecycle and predict future customer value

Our teams can support you with expertise in:

  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Data analysis
  • Data science and statistical analysis
  • Data cleansing
  • Data visualisation
  • Performance frameworks
  • Performance reporting
  • Statistical modelling
  • Web analytics


We have over 130 cyber-security consultants, bringing together experience and lessons learned from government, defence, energy and financial services. We are specialists in security architecture, security assurance, embedding cyber security thinking and creating an effective security culture. Examples include:

  • For the last decade we have been acknowledged leaders in protecting the operational technologies that form the UK’s CNI, developing the Government’s best practice guidance.
  • We played a leading role in the development of the new cyber security standard PAS 555 to assist businesses pragmatically manage cyber risks.
  • We recently led the design of CERT-UK and we have developed best practice for managing employee risk for CPNI.

We can help you with expertise and specialists in:

  • CESG information assurance certification
  • Firewall audit
  • Incident response and forensics
  • Infrastructure review
  • IT health check
  • Risk management
  • Security policy
  • Threat modelling
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing

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