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The Connection Imperative

How to make the UK nuclear industry pivotal to net zero and beyond 

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Against a backdrop of ambitious Government decarbonisation goals and ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), now is the moment of opportunity for UK nuclear leaders to play a leading role in the path to net zero.

Achieving this will require the industry to demonstrate it can decommission at speed, collaborate more effectively and be more innovative. It also needs to overcome its perception of being compliance-minded, conservative and inward-looking. Because high compliance and high performance can be complementary – not competitive – forces.

The opportunity


UK Government’s targeted reduction in carbon emissions by 2035


People employed in the UK nuclear sector


Yearly gross value contribution to the economy

The Connection Imperative: How to make the UK nuclear industry pivotal to net zero and beyond

The Connection Imperative

Now the sector is being challenged to prove its ability to contribute to net zero – and to demonstrate it can be fast-moving, ambitious and innovative.

We believe there is an opportunity to reimagine the future of nuclear and redefine some of the cultural norms holding the sector back from realising its ambition.

Based on our conversations with leaders across the nuclear fuel cycle, and produced in collaboration with the Nuclear Industry Association, we’ve set out how a culture of purpose-driven connectedness can create a sector that is more prominent and progressive.

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Our recommendations

With tangible actions and examples of successful culture change, our report sets out how nuclear leaders can:

  • reframe and reinforce nuclear’s purpose to spark a connection with their employees
  • activate inclusion to harness the power of diversity
  • create urgency for performance that overrides contentment with compliance
  • collaborate to innovate to maximise value across a unified ecosystem
  • embed new mindsets focused on collaboration, delivery and commercial outcomes.

A connected culture will allow for more than an all-consuming focus on safety. It will enable innovation, pace and economic success. And it will unlock the opportunity for nuclear to contribute to net zero, meet the Government’s bold ambitions, and cement its place as part of a progressive and purpose-led UK energy future.

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