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Renewables, Distributed Energy and Smart

Our approach

We combine renewable energy policy, regulation, technology, and economics expertise with a holistic view of the broader picture into which renewable energy fits. Utility clients value our operational know-how and insight into customer and shareholder impacts, while investors value our ability to position for profit and protect against downside in wholesale markets.


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What we can do for you

We advise energy infrastructure investors, electric utilities, corporations, and policy makers to reduce risk, identify opportunities, improve performance, and generally to best position themselves to prepare for and benefit from the ongoing trend towards clean energy and emissions reduction.

We leverage our utility and energy markets expertise to:

  • Discern how political and regulatory interpretation of public sentiment and public good are likely to impact clean energy policy direction on a regional basis
  • Design, implement, evaluate, and analyze power markets around the globe
  • Help clients develop, buy, sell, finance, and contract for utility-scale renewable generation assets and the transmission needed to transport it
  • Forecast and provide insight into the expected growth and impact of distributed energy resources (DERs). We regularly advise on program design, successful business models, and the potential impact to utility business models and generator values from energy storage, rooftop PV, and other DER trends
  • Provide strategic support and drive the development of new business models and investments that position utilities, corporations, and power market participants to benefit from the evolving needs of consumers, the shift from centralized to distributed, and the increasing focus on smart and sustainable solutions.

Client stories

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How we’ll work with you

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their challenges and objectives, to communicate our view of current and future renewable energy policy, regulation, technology, and economics, and ultimately to design a strategic and analysis-driven approach that will best position our clients to benefit from the ongoing (and accelerating) evolution in the electricity space.


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