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The ReliabilityOne® community is a unique forum for utility leaders to openly share best practices and methods to overcome challenges allowing for real change in their organizations.

ReliabilityOne® 2022 Awards and Resiliency Workshop

Our annual awards are presented to electric utilities providing their customers with the highest levels of reliability in the industry. ReliabilityOne® has helped participants lead the industry for reliability improvement best practices. Our 2014 participants have achieved an ~1% annual improvement in outage frequency since then, while the industry as a whole’s performance has worsened by ~0.5% annually. The ReliabilityOne® awards ceremony and workshop offer access to this extensive knowledge base and community. Last year, we headed to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, where one topic of discussion was focused on how vehicle to grid will impact the clean energy transition.

The awards program identifies top performers and best practices that promote innovation and technology advancements, and those that place the highest value on their customers. They’re an opportunity for utilities to celebrate being the best in the industry, the efforts of their people and the value brought to customers. Participants benefit from widespread recognition across numerous stakeholders, customers, employees, shareholders, community and government agencies and regulators.

Congratulations to this year’s award winners and learn more in our press release

ReliabilityOne® 2022 Award Winners

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Join our ReliabilityOne® community to access knowledge we have collected since analyzing electric utility performance since 1987 and a community of utility leaders that openly share best practices and methods used to overcome challenges—allowing for real change in their organizations. Certification will help your organization advance its resiliency and reliability to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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