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Electric and power

Our approach

Energy policy and regulation, emerging technologies, market structures, and Net Zero objectives are disrupting the energy system. We work with utilities, energy companies, investors and regulators to help navigate the uncertainty and transition to the new energy economy.


What we can do for you

The pace, scale and complexity of change in the energy sector are increasing rapidly. We have deep expertise in energy policy and regulation, emerging energy technology, market structures, and how clean energy objectives may transform the energy system, letting us support you through:

  • Scenario planning and strategy development
    We help deal with your big questions, such as whether clean energy sources can replace fossil fuels in certain geographies, whether hydrogen is a replacement for natural gas and what infrastructure could replace existing delivery and transportation mechanisms. We use our experience to help you understand the risks and uncertainties and maximise your opportunities.
  • Transforming the customer experience
    Placing consumers at the heart of what you do will be central to achieving your goals in the 21st century. We have considerable expertise in improving the customer experience in the digital age that will produce tangible benefits for both your end-users and organisation.
  • Smart networks and innovation
    Our scientists and technologists can help drive innovation, taking your ideas from conception, through testing in our labs, to delivering them to market. For instance, we’ve worked with network operators to develop sensors that predict faults in their assets, reducing down-time.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We offer a collaborative approach based on our experts’ experience of policy and regulation, emerging technologies, market structures and the clean energy transformation to help achieve your goals. Our understanding of the interdependency of resources and emerging technologies can create opportunities from challenges as you adapt to a clean energy future.


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