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Markets and regulation

Our approach

We help you achieve your investment goals and growth ambitions in a complex and uncertain world.

Our global team of markets and regulation experts work with energy investors and utilities to develop investment thesis, craft growth strategies, and improve operations while navigating a world of policy, technology, economic, and environmental uncertainty



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What we can do for you

We use our expertise in markets and regulation to help you navigate your way to success, we can help you:

  • Build shareholder value and maximise profit: We never forget that this depends on creating goodwill with customers, policy makers and the community, while also increasing productivity
  • Anticipate and respond to regulatory change: We make sure you’re ready to seize opportunities and withstand threats from future regulations and their potentialpressure on customer rates
  • Make the right decisions on where and how to invest: We help you plan infrastructure investment that works in the context of shifting policy and regulation
  • Increase operational productivity: We help you rethink the way your utility performs, and how you manage assets and use data and technology to improve performance and support future rate cases.
  • Restructure and develop energy and resource markets: We guide the restructuring and development of energy/resource markets from initial policy development to market system procurement to detailed market design, in order to improve compliance and market efficiency.
  • Independent expert witness testimony: We provide independent utility and energy economics experts to develop arguments and testify to the merits of specific market or stakeholder initiatives.

Client stories

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How we’ll work with you

We work shoulder to shoulder with you, sharing our expertise on the way. This means we leave you stronger and better equipped to meet future challenges. It’s just one of the ways we create a lasting and positive impact.


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