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Market entry strategy

Our approach

In an industry characterised by rapid and uncertain change, you need a tailored approach to market strategy, not a generic methodology. We draw on best practices and our industry experience to help utilities, investors, policymakers and regulators craft strategies to maximise value for, and achieve the objectives of, their stakeholders. Our decades of experience and constantly evolving market and energy infrastructure analytics capabilities help decide where, when and what to invest in, achieving policy goals and establishing strategic plans with increased clarity and precision.


What we can do for you

We’ll work with you to understand your organisation’s goals and pair your strategic needs with our industry-leading team of experts to help you:

  • Enter new markets
    We work with organisations to help develop market entry strategies in both established and emerging business areas. For example, we’ve helped clients enter the US market, the energy trading and risk management business, and emerging areas such as battery storage, distributed solar and electric buses.
  • Manage risk
    Some organisations like to live on the edge, while others pursue more secure longer-term financial strategies. We tailor our studies and recommendations to your specific needs so you can expand and accelerate your business at a speed that suits you.
  • Build evidence-based strategies
    We mix practical experience with the analytical tools we’ve developed over two decades. Our team of energy market experts cuts across a range of specialisations and is continuing to develop customised analytics at the forefront of the industry. Together, these provide the deep foundations on which we base our recommendations.
  • Energy market and utility advisory
    For over two decades, we’ve built on a mix of third-party and proprietary tools to establish industry leading analytics capabilities in natural gas markets, power markets, renewable markets, generation and storage asset modelling and valuation, retail and wholesale rate forecasting, regulatory matters, and sustainability and Net Zero.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

When it comes to understanding your organisation, you know it best. We’ll spend time getting to know you and working closely with your stakeholders as part of an iterative process, so your final strategy has buy-in and is achievable.


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