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Expert witness testimony and litigation

Our approach

We support energy companies to be financially secure and viable. The economic cycle and investment upheavals mean even well-run companies may need restructuring. We combine investment acumen and a deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses to put forward expert testimony.

Our insights

What we can do for you

We combine leading research and analytics tools with a deep understanding of the energy markets and utility operations to provide expert testimony and litigation support. Our understanding of the power, natural gas, renewable and water markets allows us to provide expert analysis to support clients in a variety of settings: from supporting permitting and siting of new energy infrastructure to expert witness, business planning and valuation support in bankruptcy and restructuring.

We can help with:

  • Bankruptcy and restructuring support
    As market conditions change, companies must adapt. PA’s team of industry experts can help evaluate strategic options, provide valuation support, develop certified appraisals, and deliver expert witness testimony for a variety of stakeholders in the bankruptcy and restructuring process
  • Challenges to new development
    We’re well-versed in the development process for new energy infrastructure. We can provide deep insight and analysis related to economic, environmental, and societal impacts of new development, backed by industry-tested models and analytics. We understand the nuance of state and local politics and regulatory oversight, and we experience with this process throughout North America.
  • Litigation support
    From valuation to contract disputes, we can provide in-depth analysis to support clients with litigation support. We understand the importance of fundamental market analysis combined with an understanding of the impact of policy and regulation. We support clients to achieve positive outcomes throughout the litigation process from mediation support all the way through submitting written and oral testimony. We have submitted testimony in a variety of settings from state regulatory bodies all the way to FERC.
  • Energy market and utility advisory
    For over two decades, we’ve built on a mix of third-party and proprietary tools to establish industry leading analytics capabilities in natural gas markets, power markets, renewable markets, generation and storage asset modelling and valuation, retail and wholesale rate forecasting, regulatory matters, and sustainability and Net Zero.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We’re a team of utility operations and technology experts who know how to solve industry challenges. We’re pragmatists dedicated to achieving results. We work alongside you as colleagues and partners, collaborating in a way that works with your culture to deliver the outcomes and benefits you need.


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