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US Aerospace, defense and security industry

The difference we make

We help leaders in government and industry with their biggest challenges. We combine rigorous analysis, experience, and pragmatism to develop and deliver enduring solutions from strategy through results. We shape critical government policies, corporate strategies and investments, and help drive enterprise-wide transformation. We help you address challenges in a way that is right for your organization and will stand the test of time.


What we can do for you

Challenges for aerospace and defense organizations have never been greater. An unpredictable global economy, constrained government budgets, increased taxpayer scrutiny, constraints and multiple objectives, and an ever evolving and growing array of security challenges put enormous pressure on both government and industry. Leaders need help, and seek experts who know the issues—but will understand the specifics of your situation and deliver solutions that will meet your needs and reflect your priorities, with the right mix of strategic analysis and delivering improvements.

We offer tailored help drawing on our range of expertise including:

  • Program improvement: Market leading analysis on major programs to assess full lifecycle impact of risk and change, guide key decisions, resolve disputes with customers or suppliers, and prioritize options to improve. We conduct strategic modeling and analysis using hard data, qualitative information, and experience.
  • Strategic capture: Our team has led and helped on dozens of competitive major procurements, enabling us to provide clients with the full spectrum of help across the capture life cycle to deliver critical wins. We are experts in capture strategy, price-to-win, execution success strategy, and performance improvement.
  • Strategic analysis: Leaders in government and industry face many complex security challenges and critical enterprise-level decisions on actions and investments. We help leaders with a more rigorous approach to analyze challenges and identify and prioritize the highest leverage options to achieve strategic priorities.
  • Operational improvement: Most organizations face an imperative to improve enterprise level performance. We specialize in rapid assessment of improvement options for a particular organization, and design and deliver change workstreams to bring tangible and sustained improvement. We often tie our fees to results.
  • Executive leadership coaching: Strategic analysis and operations improvement are helped by leadership development. Our certified executive coaches support enterprise improvement through tailored team and individual executive coaching. We help leaders grow as individuals and in their critical organizational roles.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We start by understanding the unique aspects of a client challenge and forming a team of experts with the right mix of experience for the problem. Our passion is to help senior leaders on their biggest challenges and deliver results that stand the test of time. Our high rate of repeat clients and referrals is the best evidence of the value we deliver for our clients.


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