PA at COP26

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COP26 was the most significant climate conference since 2015 – a unique opportunity to finalise the Paris Agreement to drive tangible action on the climate emergency.

Call to Action from Jonquil Hackenberg to all businesses

The result was an important step in the fight against climate change; a new pact that talks about the world's use of fossil fuels for the first time. Yet there is still much to do to build a positive human future.

Implementing change with the necessary pace and scale will require unprecedented commitment, innovation, collaboration and partnerships across governments, industry, financiers and innovators. To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, global carbon emissions need to fall by 45 per cent by 2030. But the recent IPPC report shows emissions are set to rise by 16 per cent during this period.

We must all work together to accelerate and scale the climate response through financing and technological innovation.

PA at COP26

Kim McCann discusses where to look for ‘Game Changers’ in the Hydrogen Economy Panel session
Mark Lancelott discusses the rise of the conscious consumer Panel session
Jonquil Hackenberg discusses the impact of water on decarbonisation Panel session
Warwick Goodall discusses decarbonising UK transport at the Sustainable Innovation Forum Fireside chat
Tony Perrotta is joined by Oskar Almén as he recaps the headline messages from COP26 Recap
Kim McCann is joined by Reaction Engines’ Strategy Advisor, Simon Henley to discuss space travel and net zero Interview
Kim McCann is joined by Gridserve CEO Toddington Harper to discuss their latest ground-breaking technology Interview
Uniting for Ocean Health – the role of diversity in sustainable solutions for the sea Panel session
Jonquil Hackenberg, PA’s Global Head of Sustainability and Climate Response, shares her insights and reflections from week one at COP26

Create a climate response strategy

We can help you deliver on your climate response strategy by accelerating and scaling innovation and technologies that unlock value for your business as well as our planet. We're on this journey with you, transforming our organisation to deliver on the Science Based Targets that will help limit global warming to 1.5°C.

1. Find commercial opportunities and value
We help businesses seize the commercial opportunity of sustainability. We find and optimise value to create lasting and profitable change across your value chain.
2. Innovate end-to-end
We're experts in end-to-end innovation for sustainability. From developing strategies through building supply chains, to commercialising technology, we find ingenious routes to deliver effective climate response.
3. Deliver real and measurable results
We use KPIs mapped to UN Sustainable Development Goals to deliver real and measurable results, accelerating progress against planetary, social, and financial aspirations.

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