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Recognizing North American utilities that provide outstanding reliability

The 2018 ReliabilityOne™ Awards Ceremony was held on Wednesday, November 28th at the Boulders Resort & Spa, Scottsdale. On Thursday, November 29th, PA hosted a ReliabilityOne™ best practice workshop.

Helping utilities keep the lights on for 18 years

Widely recognized as one of the electric utility industry's most prestigious honors, PA Consulting's ReliabilityOne™ awards recognize electric utilities for providing their customers with the highest levels of reliability in the industry. The participating utilities serve over 26 million customers across the US. Our award recipients are distinguished for implementing and executing industry-leading practices, strategies and processes that breed success.

For 18 years, we have been focused on reliability, bringing together the best in the industry to make it even better tomorrow. This event offers you the opportunity to network with leaders in the industry, get first-hand knowledge of best practices and share challenges facing us all. We are building a community focused on improving reliability and growing the industry to innovating through technology to improve each customer’s experience.

ReliabilityOne 2018 award winners

Analyzing electric reliability performance in the United States

As part of our ReliabilityOne™ program, PA has been collecting and analyzing electric system reliability for over 25 years. Our reliability dashboard provides an instant means to examine reliability metrics, and compare your reliability performance (as measured by SAIDI, SAIFI and CAIDI) against our national database.

PA's reliability performance dashboard allows you to explore electric reliability and how it varies by state, time and class of utility.

Access dashboard

electricity reliability map 300x300

PA’s reliability experts and ReliabilityOne™ in the media

“Utilities face a great challenge ahead, as much of the T&D infrastructure in the US is more than a hundred years old, and yet utilities are seeing their assets further strained by the mechanical stress of major storm events that exceed originally designed standards. They are actively working to harden their systems against damage to prevent and decrease the number and duration of power outages. In addition to the existing system, utilities also need to deal with grid modernization demands and requirements.”

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“In the next year, reliability and resiliency will continue to be essential, and utilities will continue to be innovative in their communication tools to best serve customers.”

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“The increased frequency and ferocity of weather events represent the new normal. That means it is increasingly vital that the grid be robustly constructed and properly operated to be as resilient and reliable as possible.”

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“Natural disasters in Mexico and the world have forced developers and suppliers to work to increase resilience to unpredictable natural events.”

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Registration is closed for this year's event.

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