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Innovating Customer Experience

in the Decade of Disruption

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Over the last 20 years, successive waves of activity have aimed to improve the customer experience across the financial services industry. We are now entering a completely new era - a Decade of Disruption - where a rare combination of disruptive forces are causing organisations to radically rethink the way that they engage with their customers.

The changing face of financial services

The convergence of multiple forces creates new possibilities, new demands and new rules for financial services organisations.

  1. Technology Change: from simple peer-to-peer payments to car insurance premiums that reflect your driving habits, technology enables new forms of customer experience and opens up the market to new providers who challenge existing industry practices.

  2. Customer Demand: banks and insurers cannot rely on deep-seated customer inertia. Today’s consumers are more informed than ever before and are more prepared to switch providers in search of better, more personalised services.

  3. Regulatory Change: demands for innovation, competition and transparency are forcing regulators to act to build clear, reliable services that can be trusted.

The need for action

Financial services organisations recognise the need for action, but PA research shows that their ambition does not always match the reality.

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Digitising the customer experience

As digital technology extends into every aspect of our lives, the boundaries between established industries are becoming increasingly blurred. The convergence of the retail and financial services sectors is one such example, forcing financial services organisations to innovate their customer experience in line with the best retailers.  

Take a look at our two short videos to see how customer experience could be transformed.

Engaging with customers in a way that is compelling, relevant, effortless and true is extremely important in order to deliver innovative customer experience. Interactwith our rich picture on reimagining business for a digital age.

Decade of disruption - our latest paper

While global trade is slowly recovering in light of the financial crisis, the world remains an uncertain place.

  1. Will there be a period of sustained economic, political or social instability that is so severe government support is required for survival?
  2. Will there be a dramatic new entrant that is powerful and innovative enough to steal our most valuable customers?

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Destination digital

Our Destination Digital blog provides a forum to get the conversation going about the impact of digital on government, consumers and businesses.  

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