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Our Partners

Our Partners reframe challenges and take our clients further, faster. It’s what enables us to bring ingenuity to life.

There's never been a better time to join PA and our partner group are leading the way. As a partner, you'll lead the growth of the firm while providing the leadership, industry knowledge and insight needed to achieve enduring results for our clients.

We provide individuals with ambition, vision and proven expertise an immensely varied range of client work, and the opportunity to solve complex client problems and set new standards for performance and growth.

“A world-class Partner group is absolutely critical to PA’s success. Our Partners are renowned for their insights and passion – they're the leading experts in their respective areas. They’re setting the pathbreaking agenda, whether that be redefining the future of transport or defining a new way to examine the patient-doctor relationship. Moreover, their enthusiasm is evident to both clients and consultants who seek to work with them on the best projects. Inspired by our Partners, PA people come together to build a positive human future.”

Ken Toombs, CEO

Meet our People

Picture of Martin Tillisch

Martin Tillisch

Partner in Financial Services, Copenhagen

Martin Tillisch

Partner in Financial Services, Copenhagen

I was attracted to PA for its innovative flavor compared to many of our competitors. It may sound cliché, but what is special about PA is the people you work with here. I am surrounded by highly skilled individuals and I love it! My highlight has been the PA Partnership with Copenhagen Fintech, upskilling the Nordics in Fintech skills. It is great to see that PA is driven by investing in something that contributes to the wider society. The steep development you get here as an individual is a hub for building capabilities, particularly leadership, and you have fun while you do it.

Picture of Hsiu Mei Wong

Hsiu Mei Wong

Partner in Healthcare, New York

Hsiu Mei Wong

Partner in Healthcare, New York

After joining PA over 20 years ago and being a Partner for the last 9 years, I’ve had the privilege of working in 3 different countries and 5 practice areas. Throughout my time here, I have felt  empowered to be brave and to have open conversations about how to shape my career so that I could continually feel fulfilled. At PA, there is more than one way to define your success and I have been enabled to develop a new working model, so that I could have a successful career but also balance being a mother to two young children.

Being a Partner at PA

Leading the Market

Engaging with clients to build deep and lasting relationships and sell profitable work. 

Leading brilliant work

Leading teams of people to deliver high quality work for our clients with lasting benefits. 

Leading innovation

Bringing unique insights and thought leadership to existing and prospective clients. 

Leading people

Providing day-to-day leadership to our people, encouraging and motivating them to do their best. 

Leading by example

Demonstrating the highest levels of ethical behaviour and strong personal values, acting as a role model internally and in the market. 

Leading to develop

Our Partner Election Committee embodies PA’s values. It independently reviews performance of the Partner group, ensuring our meritocracy. It upholds the quality and standards of our Partner group and seeks, coaches and promotes talent into the Partner group, and on to senior Partner. Its composition changes regularly as members are nominated by the whole Partner team.

How we're bringing ingenuity to life

We have recently been made aware of unauthorized communications regarding career opportunities by individuals not associated with us or our Talent Acquisition Team. We will never request that you send money for any reason during our recruitment process. If you suspect a scam, please contact

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