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There has never been a better time to join PA

We have recently been made aware of unauthorized communications regarding career opportunities by individuals not associated with us or our Talent Acquisition Team. We will never request that you send money for any reason during our recruitment process. If you suspect a scam, please contact

Careers FAQs

  • We’re always looking for brilliant Consultants to help grow our teams. All open roles can be found on our job search page. We typically recruit across all levels; Analyst to Partner, in all business areas. 

  • In the UK, Nordics and Sweden, our Graduate, Industrial Placement and Internship roles typically open mid-September.  

    In Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands we recruit on an on-going basis.

    In Denmark, applications open in January. 

  • We have a diverse range of opportunities across all levels. When applying, it’s important to choose a role that reflects your skills and interests. Make an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and compare that list with the competencies in the job specification 

  • Unfortunately, we’re not able to take on students for informal work experience. Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply for a Summer Internship or Industrial Placement. 

  • We assess the entire picture of an applicant. And while there isn’t a single academic standard, we may ask to see evidence of your academic results during the hiring process. 

    For roles in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands we require all candidates to have a master’s degree. 

  • We welcome international applications, but we are unable to offer sponsorship for work permits, so you’ll need to have the full right to live and work in the country you are applying to. Your application will be automatically rejected if you do not have these rights.  

    We do require candidates to fluently speak the language of the country they are applying to.  

  • As a rule, if you have a postgraduate qualification and little or no relevant experience, you’re perfectly eligible to apply for a Graduate role. If your PhD/MBA comes with significant relevant experience, we’d advise applying for more senior opportunities. PA is a meritocracy, so if you’re able to perform at a higher level, you can expect to progress more quickly. 

  • Yes, but you will need to submit a separate application for each vacancy. We recommend you think critically about which role you would like to apply for and make sure your application highlights your interest in this area. Use our role selector to understand where your skills fit in best. 

  • Yes, but you will need to submit a separate application for each vacancy. We recommend you think critically about which role you would like to apply for and make sure your application highlights your interest in this area. Use our role selector to understand where your skills fit in best. 

  • Yes, while we encourage candidates to start as soon as possible, we do offer a number of on-boarding dates for you to choose from.  

  • Relevant work experience will support your application and show your interest in a particular service/sectorWe want to see your ability to demonstrate the skills learned through work experience and how you will use those skills at PA. 

  • All new joiners start their PA career with a two-day induction at our Global Innovation and  Technology Centre (GITC) as well as in the local office they are joining. It’s your chance to get to know the company, meet Consultants from different countries and practices, and learn some essential elements of business and consulting. 

    All new Analysts start with an intensive two-week residential induction; week one (onboarding) is held at the GITC in Cambridge, UK, and week two will see you begin specific graduate training offsite. 

    Your development is important to us. Our PA Academy offers a range of different training sessions throughout the year to support your growth and development. 

  • The answer ultimately depends on factors like where clients are based, but as a rule our Consultants are expected to work anywhere in the world. Be ready for opportunities to travel overseas and more regularly domestically – anywhere from Copenhagen to Wales, Belfast to Dubai.  

  • Business-casual dress is the day-to-day standard. Suits or more formal business dress can be required for some client commitments. 

  • We do offer opportunities for study and career breaks, at our discretion, with set criteria for:

    • minimum length of service
    • performance record
    • relevance of study to our business.

    Where there is clear business need and the programme can flex around work demands, we will also help to fund MBA's and other business qualifications for our most able people. If you choose to study part time a subject with direct relevance to your work, we may also grant paid leave to sit exams.

  • Our Giving Back and Volunteering programme lets our people use their time and skills to support social causes. You can commit up to three days a year to an eligible project, as long as it fits in with client and work obligations. You can join an established pro bono project or nominate a new cause. 

    If you would like to contribute financially to charity, you can do so through payroll giving. 

  • Our recruitment team will be the first to read your letter, so please address it to The Recruitment Team 

  • We will send you an acknowledgement as soon as we receive your application. After that, our aim is to give you an initial decision within three weeks. However, at busy times of year we do ask for a little patience. We receive thousands of applications, each of which is read individually by our Recruiters, as well as Consultants from around the business, to make sure we select the best candidates. 

    You can also set an ‘alarm’ when submitting your application, so you’ll be notified when your application is progressed.  

  • Travel expenses are reviewed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the business area you are applying to join.  

  • Unfortunately, we receive too many applications to offer individual feedback on them. If you are unsuccessful, it could be helpful to show your application to a career’s adviser. 

  • We receive around 12,000 applications each year and select roughly 5 per cent for a telephone interview. With such fierce competition, it’s vital that you take the time to understand what we are looking for. 

  • Not at allWe are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to treating all candidates and employees equally and fairly. The only reason to disclose your disability is to let us know of any adjustments you may require during the recruitment process.