Biomimicry maple leaf

Can a maple seed make the future of transport a breeze?

Reimagining the future of transport

Did you know that maple seeds can travel up to 4km on a strong wind? These incredibly efficient flyers are now inspiring a new generation of simple single-wing drones that could help shape the future of transport.

At PA, we know improving transport is key to building a positive human future. That’s why our digital experts are creating the critical systems for Virgin Hyperloop One, the first new mode of transport in over a century and an innovation that will be able to cover 300km in just 20 minutes while running up to 60 per cent more efficiently than a train thanks to its magnetic levitation and vacuum tubes.

We have also been supporting Network Rail’s R&D team in accelerating innovation of new technologies which can be deployed to improve the performance of existing assets on the network and address future challenges.

Accelerate Innovation Programme – Driving Transformational change across the UK Railway

We are helping to redefine transport’s future in a post-COVID world, by uncovering how transport leaders can harness operational ingenuity to mitigate the short term impact and develop the resilience and agility to remain adaptive as we face an uncertain future.

Our research into the future of rail looks at how a clear vision, customer focus, data exploitation, and an innovative, agile culture will transform the railway.

And our research into the complex ecosystem that needs to come together to make autonomous vehicles a reality is guiding governments and private industry as they strive to make our roads safer and more efficient.

To create a better future for transport, we’re taking an ingenious approach to a range of challenges. We’re:

  • Applying advanced analytics to the dark data of Highways England to optimise the way they clear accidents safely, freeing over 100,000 hours of traffic officers’ time for other key operational activities
  • Creating a better railway for Sweden by managing capacity more effectively with the Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, embedding the best digital technology for the future
  • Making eco-friendly tyres a reality with UK start-up ENSO by helping them understand how to scale and market their innovation, and design a ‘product-as-a-service’ business model.

About PA

We believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future. As strategies, technologies and innovation collide, we create opportunity from complexity. Our diverse teams of experts combine innovative thinking and breakthrough technologies to progress further, faster.

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