Biomimicry wasp

Can a wasp take the sting out of microsurgery?

Developing healthcare innovations

Did you know that when surgeons operate, they damage the tissue around the incision? Now, inspiration for improved surgical devices is coming from insects that penetrate living tissue with minimal damage, like parasitic wasps.

At PA, we design, test and develop medical devices in our Global Innovation and Technology Centre. For example, we ensured everyone in the UK who needed a life-saving ventilator during the COVID-19 pandemic got one by coordinating efforts to redesign and build thousands of the devices.

Ventilator Challenge – saving lives during the coronavirus pandemic

And we’ve helped save the lives of thousands of babies by developing and launching medical innovations with Monica Healthcare – our connected foetal heartrate monitor lets doctors review data from mothers and babies remotely from home.

As well as creating all-new devices, we take everyday technology and put it to ingenious new uses. We’re giving people with limited mobility more independence by developing software and infrastructure for Amazon Echo to support carers as part of our Argenti Care Technology.

Driving innovations beyond ingenious devices

In hospitals themselves, and across healthcare and life sciences, we’re:

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