Biomimicry angler fish

Can a deep-sea fish light the way to more sustainable cities?

Innovating for sustainability

Did you know that streetlights produce more than 1.1 million metric tonnes of CO₂ each year in the UK alone? That makes the global impact of lighting roads astronomical. Now, the natural light produced by bioluminescent deep-sea fish is inspiring research into zero-emission ways to light our cities.

At PA, we take sustainability very seriously. For example, we’re inspiring the next generation of innovators to design the sustainable city of the future through our PA Raspberry Pi Competition 2020.

PA Raspberry Pi competition 2020: sustainable city of the future

We’ve also reduced CO₂ emissions by taking Ora, an ingenious circular kitchen towel that uses less space in distribution trucks, from idea to market in under six months. We also created a framework for businesses to innovate towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the United Nations Global Compact. And we’re working with leading organisations globally to promote business models and practices that extract value from traditional waste.

Broadening the scope of sustainability for a positive human future

Sustainability today touches every part of organisations. Across industries, we’re:

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