Biomimicry butterfly wing

Can a butterfly wing be a blueprint for solar power?

Improving clean energy

Did you know the average solar panel achieves less than 20 per cent efficiency? Now, the microstructure of butterfly wings is inspiring a new generation of solar cells that are twice as efficient.

At PA, we’re also improving access to alternative, renewable and clean energy. For example, we’re making the supply of renewable energy more reliable by creating an economically viable plan for building the world’s biggest battery with Vistra.

We also ensured Ørsted, the world’s most sustainable energy producer, could deliver more sustainable innovations quickly by embedding an Agile operating model.

Making energy and utilities more sustainable

But we don’t just help with renewable power, across energy and utilities we’re also:

  • Protecting vital services from power outages while reducing costs to customers by creating an artificially intelligent system that can predict underground electricity asset failures weeks in advance
  • Improving every aspect of the experience for the 1.4 million customers of US energy provider, Puget Sound Energy, by designing a five-year transformation of front- and back-end systems
  • Making it easier and cheaper for people to heat their homes by developing an advanced smart thermostat and simple installer interface in just nine months for BDR Thermea, a manufacturer of industrial heating appliances
  • Protecting critical national infrastructure, like energy, water and communications, by designing guidelines and an assessment tool for the whole of the UK with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

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