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The technical innovation group, powered by PA

We helped Land Rover BAR to harness advanced expertise and technologies.

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In 2015, PA and Land Rover BAR launched the Technical Innovation Group (TIG) to bring together the best of British industry to contribute to this unique technical and sporting challenge.

The TIG steering group, chaired by us, guided the design team with an external, world-class, multidisciplinary research and development group. It allowed the team to rapidly develop, prove and apply new technologies.

The technical innovation group members

The TIG brought together six core member organisations to support Land Rover BAR. We were embedded at the Land Rover BAR HQ in Portsmouth, providing management and leadership of the TIG projects during the America's Cup campaign.

The TIG was made up of:

  • PA Consulting Group
  • Land Rover
  • BAE Systems
  • BT
  • Renishaw
  • BMT Nigel Gee

How we helped the team

 The TIG worked on projects in four key areas to enhance the performance of the team and boat. These include:

Boat dynamics

Investigating the aerodynamics of the boat and equipment above water to optimise performance.

Sensors and systems

Developing enhanced solutions to improve understanding, reduce weight and increase reliability.

Human factors

Exploring data displays and communications technology to enhance teamwork and decision making.

Data and analytics

Building advanced data transition and management tools to extract more insight from data.

Our technology and innovation experience

The pace of technological innovation shows no signs of slowing, technology's impact on the way we live is deeper than ever and networks of computers, people and organisations are creating new opportunities (and threats) for businesses. We help organisations to optimise their internal and external innovation, and their research and development capabilities, to keep them ahead of the game and deliver more value to their businesses.

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