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Building a positive human future

Our commitment to inclusion, diversity and ending racism

Putting Black lives at the heart of inclusion & diversity

The death of George Floyd has rightfully brought renewed focus on the issues of social injustice and racial inequality. Since we published our statement, we have developed and agreed actions to support our people and communities, to help fight racism and to drive lasting change. We are determined that PA will play a role in positive change that will make a significant and enduring difference.

PA’s commitments:

  • Black representation in the leadership of our firm: ingenuity is founded on diversity and our goal is that PA reflects the communities in which we operate. We seek out new sources of Black talent, to ensure representation at all levels in our firm.
  • An enlightened team where Black colleagues can thrive: we listen to, and learn from, all colleagues who have experienced racism, so that we can together counter discrimination in our firm. We deliver anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion training and actively support the progression of our Black colleagues.
  • A positive impact on Black lives in our communities: we support our communities to constructively address the prejudices and inequalities of our societies. We find ways in which our people can contribute, pro-bono, their skills and expertise into our communities.
  • Partnerships with like-minded organisations to deliver societal reform that benefits Black lives: we work with other businesses, academics and policy-makers who are committed to delivering sustainable transformation.

Our Purpose is ‘Bringing Ingenuity to Life’ and, through this, to make the world a better place. We believe that this is the time for meaningful, positive and lasting change, so that everyone can live free from injustice and inequality.

We have a lot to do. We will keep going.

Ken Toombs
CEO, PA Consulting

A statement from our CEO

At PA, we stand together, committed to playing our part in addressing racism and fighting intolerance. There is no place for racism in our world and while there are signs of progress, it is too slow. We stand with our black colleagues, their families, friends and communities. Black Lives Matter.

All of us have a role in supporting this change, whether we choose to stand on the front lines, or work within our teams to improve equality and drive out bias in our day-to-day activities. We’re all on a journey to create a more supportive culture of humanity.

Change will not happen because of a statement; it happens through dialogue and action. We encourage our people within their teams, and with our clients, to share their views openly and take the tangible actions to move toward a more inclusive and fairer world. This is reflected more widely in our commitment to supporting communities, increasing diversity & inspiring the next generation.

At PA we work together to build a more positive human future.

Ken Toombs

Inclusion & diversity at PA

Successful businesses are inclusive and diverse. They’re businesses where people of any age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group or ability are given the opportunity to bring their true self to work and excel in what they do. At PA, inclusion and diversity (I&D) is of the utmost importance to us. It fuels our creativity, enabling us to live our Purpose, ‘Bringing Ingenuity to Life,’ and it matters to our people and to our clients. We’re always listening and learning and looking for ways to create an ever more inclusive and diverse place to work, where we all feel supported and can be ourselves.


Our I&D networks in action

Our employee networks support an inclusive and diverse environment for our colleagues and communities. They celebrate, educate and raise awareness of key issues of importance, while also acting as a forum for discussion and debate in order to drive and support our global inclusion and diversity strategy. In addition, our networks provide support, advice and networking opportunities for their members and the wider PA community.


Explore our networks

  • BAME Network
  • Mental Health and
    Wellbeing Network
  • Pride Network
  • Women’s Network
BAME Network

BAME Network

Our BAME Network celebrates Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Cultures at PA. It aims to empower talent, build an inclusive environment and promote the value of a more diverse workforce through creating a space for all BAME colleagues to be heard and an environment where everyone feels comfortable bringing their true self to work. The Network also promote awareness and education of BAME cultures and experiences through events, networking and discussion sessions, and mentoring programmes.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Network

Mental Health and Wellbeing Network

Our people want to work for a firm that positively improves the physical and mental wellbeing of all its employees. As signatories to the Time to Change Pledge, we’re committed to creating a workplace free from stigma and discrimination against mental health. Network members who serve as Mental Health First Aiders provide important peer support while our Champions are helping change the way we think and act about mental health and wellbeing at PA.

Pride Network

Pride Network

Our Pride Network promotes an LGBTQ+ inclusive environment in the workplace and provides information and support on LGBTQ+ issues for all. The Network works collaboratively across PA to create an inclusive and diverse working environment and promote an ethos of respect and equality for everyone, regardless of their identity, so that all colleagues can reach their full potential. Pride hosts regular events, discussion groups and mentoring and networking opportunities.

Women’s Network

Women’s Network

Our Women’s Network focuses on issues and initiatives relating to gender equality, both within PA as well as in the communities we serve. The Network hosts regular global events, mentoring sessions, conversation groups and networking opportunities. They also organise and host a number of successful global calls on different discussion topics. PA is a member of the 30% Club campaign group, and many Network members attend their events and training sessions.

giving back

Raspberry Pi Competition

The ingenuity of children is remarkable. So, we give it a place to thrive. Our annual Raspberry Pi Competition promotes STEM education by challenging school children to invent something that benefits society using engineering and coding skills.

They’ve used the Raspberry Pi microcomputer to improve our experiences of transport and travel, tackle sustainability challenges and help people live healthier lives.

Women in Tech

Diversity is key to delivering the best work – the competing opinions of a diverse team of experts generate the most successful innovations. Yet women hold only a fraction of digital jobs. To promote diversity, we’re inspiring a new generation of women by working with Code First: Girls.

Find out more


Young people from all backgrounds deserve to succeed. That’s why we teamed up with Career Ready to create our Springboard work experience programme, which gives young people the chance to develop their skills and learn from our experts.

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Women in Defence UK

For centuries, defence was an exclusively male sector. Now we appreciate the invaluable contribution of women and the importance of diversity. To celebrate this, we’re founding partners of Women in Defence UK.

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Teach first

Everyone should have an equally good education. And everyone should have the same opportunities after education. That’s why we work with Teach First to coach teachers, support students and nurture innovators.

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