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Inclusion and Diversity

We’re creating an inclusive environment

We’re committed to driving Inclusion & Diversity (I&D). It’s only through embedding I&D into everything we do that we can create a culture where our people feel inspired and empowered to collaborate in achieving our purpose, Bringing Ingenuity to Life. Every day, we endeavour to be active allies and create a more inclusive culture that offers equal opportunities and supports diversity in all its forms. We continue to hold ourselves to the highest possible standards.

Our people also use their skills and expertise to make a difference outside our firm. Together, we share best practice and partner with organisations that drive diversity in our communities so we can create a more inclusive society for all.

As we continue to listen, learn and look for ways to create an even more inclusive and diverse place to work, we’ll unlock the ingenuity of even more people to help build a positive human future. Inclusion and diversity create a virtuous cycle, and we’re passionate about driving it.

Below are just some of the ways we’re creating a positive human future for our people, clients and communities.

Our commitment to putting Black lives at the heart of inclusion and diversity

We stand with our Black colleagues, their families, friends and communities. Black lives matter.

In 2020, we committed to a series of actions that will support our people and communities, help fight racism and drive lasting change.

We committed to:

  • increase Black representation in the leadership of our firm
  • create an enlightened team where Black colleagues can thrive
  • have a positive impact on Black lives in our communities and build partnerships with like-minded organisations to deliver societal reform that benefits Black lives.

We’re making progress

We’re making progress against our commitments. While we’ve taken steps in the right direction as we support our people and communities and help fight racism, we acknowledge there’s still much more for us to do to drive progress and racial equality.
Below are some examples of the actions we’ve taken as part of our commitment to putting Black lives at the heart of inclusion and diversity.

Increase Black representation in the leadership of our firm

To attract Black talent, and ensure we have Black representation at all levels of our firm, we’ve:

  • connected senior leaders, including our CEO, with Black reverse mentors to improve understanding of different experiences and build the culture we need for our future
  • partnered with schools, colleges and universities to recruit more diverse talent – in our latest round of graduate recruitment, 40 per cent of offers in the US and 35 per cent of offers in the UK were to ethnic minority candidates
  • started working with specialist recruitment firms and platforms to further attract diverse talent across all levels of our firm.

Create an enlightened team where Black colleagues can thrive

We all have a responsibility to listen and learn from those who have experienced racism. It enables us to become better allies and counter discrimination. So, we’ve:

  • given everyone at PA the opportunity to take part in Race Allyship training, with 94 per cent of attendees saying they now “feel more able to be an effective ally”
  • had fortnightly support sessions, run by our RISE Network, to provide a safe space for people to share their experiences
  • seen our Network share knowledge on Black history and culture and celebrate Black History Month in the UK and US to raise awareness of Black experiences throughout our firm.

Have a positive impact on Black lives in our communities and partner with like-minded organisations to deliver societal reform that benefits Black lives

Racism and discrimination effect our societies around the world, so it’s vital we work with others to make a significant, far-reaching impact. To empower young people from diverse backgrounds to achieve their ambitions, we’ve partnered with:

  • the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE), a 24,000-member organisation that provides leadership training, professional development resources and mentoring opportunities
  • Generation Success, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to empowering young people of diversity to reach their career aspirations.

We’ve made good progress on our commitments, but there’s still more to do. We’ll continue to put Black lives at the heart of inclusion.

Our initiatives

 Women in Tech

Women in Tech

Diversity unlocks ingenuity. Yet women hold only a fraction of digital jobs. So, we’re inspiring a new generation of women to get into tech through free coding courses and inclusive events.



Young people from all backgrounds deserve a chance to succeed. That’s why our Springboard work experience programme gives disadvantaged students the chance to develop their skills and learn from our experts.

Women in Defence

Women in Defence

For centuries, defence was a male-dominated sector. But the contribution of women and importance of diversity are invaluable. To celebrate this, we’re founding partners of Women in Defence UK.

Our employee networks

Our employee networks support an inclusive and diverse environment for our colleagues and communities. They celebrate, educate and raise awareness of key issues while acting as a forum for discussion and debate to drive and support our global inclusion and diversity strategy. Our networks also provide support, advice and networking opportunities for their members and the wider PA community.

RISE Network

BAME NetworkOur RISE Network promotes Racial Inclusion and Social Equity at PA. It aims to empower talent, build an inclusive environment and promote the value of a more diverse workforce by creating a space for all colleagues to be heard and a workplace where everyone feels comfortable being their true self. The Network also promotes awareness of diverse cultures and experiences through events, networking sessions and mentoring programmes.

Women’s Network

Women’s NetworkOur Women’s Network focuses on issues and initiatives relating to gender equality, both within PA and the communities we serve. This includes driving action on everything from closing the gender pay gap to profiling role models and allies across PA. The Network hosts regular global events, mentoring sessions, conversation groups and networking opportunities, and promotes active allyship throughout our firm.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, our people participated in events and activities to promote the advancement of women through professional development and personal growth.

Our Women's Network organised a panel discussion with external experts at the forefront of inclusion and diversity research, theory and practice. Everyone across PA was able to join the conversation and get valuable insights into how they, as individuals and as part of a wider organisation, can help advance gender equality.

And Jonquil Hackenberg, PA’s Head of Sustainability, spoke to the Thousand Voices podcast about how organisations can address the gender balance of executive leadership.

PA in action

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Pride Network

Pride NetworkOur Pride Network promotes an inclusive environment in the workplace and provides information and support on LGBTQ+ issues for all. The Network works collaboratively across our firm to create an inclusive and diverse working environment and promote an ethos of respect and equality for everyone, regardless of their identity, so all colleagues can reach their full potential. Pride hosts regular events, discussion groups and mentoring and networking opportunities.

Marking Pride Month

Every June, we mark Pride Month across our global offices. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the advances in gay rights since the Stonewall Riots of June 1969, and to raise awareness of the work that still needs to happen to create a truly inclusive society.

In 2020 and 2021, as our people were unable to come together as they usually would for Pride Month, members of our LGBTQ+ community shared stories of their experiences with everyone at PA. The videos raised awareness of the struggles people still face today and shared simple ways we can all be more inclusive.

PA in action

Mental Health and Wellbeing Network

Mental Health and Wellbeing NetworkOur Mental Health and Wellbeing Network runs events to raise awareness of key issues and facilitate conversations that shape our firm-wide initiatives. The Network aims to create a workplace where everyone knows mental health issues don’t come with a stigma and everyone has the resources available to look after their mental health and wellbeing.

Marking Mental Health Awareness Week

Every year, we use Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) to reiterate the importance of looking after our mental health. COVID-19 has meant we've all been facing particularly challenging times, so it's been more important than ever for us to support our people through MHAW 2021.

To provide that support, we invited mental health experts to share their advice with PA people through virtual calls, we held remote yoga sessions to help people relax and practice mindfulness, and, to reflect the theme of #ConnectWithNature, people across our firm shared their photos of nature and why it’s important to their mental health.

PA in action

Military Network

PA's Military NetworkOur Military Network (MilNet) supports service leavers, veterans and serving reservists along with the families and partners of former or serving personnel, through our formal support network, coaching, mentoring and events. In recognition of MilNet’s work, the Ministry of Defence has awarded PA a Gold Award as part of the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.

Supporting service leavers

Leaving the armed forces can open up many opportunities but also be a process that requires degrees of skilful adaptation to new professional, and personal, circumstances. That’s why we’ve partnered with a number of service charities and organisations to offer insight days to service leavers who are interested in a career in consulting. This includes hints and tips for CV writing, guidance on creating a personal brand and an interactive learning experience using our Delivering Great Consultancy training scenario.

We’re also working with service charities to offer formal coaching in a range of topics to support service leavers, including interview preparation, self-awareness and leadership in the civilian workplace. This provides support as service leavers transition from the military to civilian life.

Our partnerships

30% Club, Stonewall, Generation Success,  National Society of Black Engineers, Mental Health at Work Commitment, The Prince's Reponsible Businees Network, disability confident