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Building a positive human future

Our commitment to supporting communities, increasing diversity & inspiring the next generation

We believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology-driven world. We drive towards this with all our clients, whether it’s using digital technologies to make human roles more valuable and satisfying or helping healthcare providers restructure around patient outcomes.

We don’t stop there. We give time and expertise to support communities, increase diversity and inspire the next generation of innovators.

Raspberry Pi Competition

The ingenuity of children is remarkable. So, we give it a place to thrive. Our annual Raspberry Pi Competition promotes STEM education by challenging school children to invent something that benefits society using engineering and coding skills.

They’ve used the Raspberry Pi microcomputer to improve our experiences of transport and travel, tackle sustainability challenges and help people live healthier lives.

Women in Tech

Diversity is key to delivering the best work – the competing opinions of a diverse team of experts generate the most successful innovations. Yet women hold only a fraction of digital jobs. To promote diversity, we’re inspiring a new generation of women by working with Code First: Girls.

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Young people from all backgrounds deserve to succeed. That’s why we teamed up with Career Ready to create our Springboard work experience programme, which gives young people the chance to develop their skills and learn from our experts.

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Women in defence

For centuries, defence was an exclusively male sector. Now we appreciate the invaluable contribution of women and the importance of diversity. To celebrate this, we’re founding sponsors of Women in Defence.

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Teach first

Everyone should have an equally good education. And everyone should have the same opportunities after education. That’s why we work with Teach First to coach teachers, support students and nurture innovators.

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