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"We met with several extremely capable consultancy firms who had extensive experience in this field of devices, but PA impressed us most with their expertise and hands on approach.



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Automation of complex processes

PA Consulting Group’s team of engineers and scientists deliver complete automation solutions for a wide range of applications. Laboratory, manufacturing and industrial processes increasingly require new science and engineering approaches to make them possible.

PA's technology consultants develop new solutions these in areas such as:

  • pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • food and drink production

  • laboratory automation

  • industrial handling

  • medical device manufacturing

  • packaging equipment

  • diagnostic instrument automation

Our automation solutions not only increase productivity and reduce costs but also increase quality and introduce flexibility while achieving critical launch timescales. 

Having the right process and implementation makes the difference between delivering against cost, quality and volume targets or never achieving the required performance objectives.  Our core services to clients are:

Assessment and definition of automated systems

PA advises clients on automation strategy and defines optimum solutions to minimise project risks. Our technology consulting advice ranges from audits to detailed plan analysis through to the specification of systems and core technologies.

Design and development of automated machinery and instruments

PA delivers turnkey automation from benchtop instruments to complete factory systems. Our delivery capability covers the design, build, test, installation and support of mechanics, optics, electronics, controls and software. We also perform low volume product manufacturing.

These services are delivered through multi-disciplinary technology consulting teams and have been applied to many process automation projects such as:

  • high-speed inspection of pharmaceuticals

  • aseptic manufacturing of combination medical devices

  • manufacturing scale-up of hydrogen fuel cells

  • analytical release testing of inhalers

  • continuous processing of pharmaceuticals

Examples of our client work include automating a lab-based process for CellCoTech and automating high throughput inhaler testing for AstraZeneca.

In addition, the breadth of our technology consulting capabilities allows clients to outsource to us the entire definition and implementation of an automation project including:

  • manufacturing IT systems

  • verification and validation

  • supply chains and distribution networks

To find out how our technology consultants can help you automate complex processes, please contact us now.


Mark Humphries
Product development and manufacturing
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