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Managing uncertainty

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The level of uncertainty in today’s business environment is on a scale that the current generation of leaders has not seen before. Understanding how this uncertainty will play out – and the impact it will have on individual organisations – requires a type of analysis and response very different from conventional business planning. The impact of possible future events, such as the collapse of the Eurozone or another global financial crisis, cannot be modelled on a spreadsheet; and yet these events must be understood and planned for.

Our strategy experts work with you so you can understand and prepare for the threats and opportunities that uncertainty brings. We identify the scenarios that will have the greatest impact on your business, unravel and define their implications and help you prepare an appropriate response. Through scenario planning and business dynamics, we improve your decision-making to ensure you can move fast, seizing opportunity or countering threat as events unfold.

Our work is grounded in deep insight stemming from our extensive research into the nature and impact of uncertainty. This includes our Managing Uncertainty survey, which identifies winning strategies for businesses facing uncertainty; our book, ‘The Zombie Economy’, which calls for radical action on the part of business leaders; and specific analysis of the contagion in Europe likely to spread in the event of Eurozone meltdown.

To find out more about thriving in times of uncertainty, contact us now.

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