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Social intelligence: the power of social media [H7k-a-Oh5zg]
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More effective selling


Increasing the revenue from high performing sales and marketing

While it’s easy to see when your sales performance is falling or not good enough, it can be more difficult to identify how to improve matters. You may lack the insight to know where you should be focusing your sales force, or how your operating model needs to change.

We can help you to optimise your sales management and marketing approach, and implement processes that will produce lasting performance improvements. Methods we’ll apply – and train your people to use – include channel diagnostics, pipeline planning and reviews, and value-based sales training. You’ll gain full control of the sales channel and position your business to maximise sales value by allocating sales resources to the best opportunities. This transformation will increase your pipeline value and raise both conversion rates and strategic sales. And it will all happen at lower cost of sale and with higher predictability. 

We helped a £7bn global engineering company to introduce elements of key account management to its global sales force, increasing high-margin service sales by 34%.

We can work with you to:

  • gain insight into the profitability of a customer or activity and use this insight to prioritise sales effort
  • redesign your sales operating model for best-practice efficiency, introducing clearly defined sales processes, an integrated view of direct and indirect sales channels, and appropriate sales management tools 
  • train your sales force in the world’s most effective sales techniques
  • measure sales performance against best practice using benchmarks and KPIs.

To find out how to maximise the value from your marketing strategy, please contact us now.

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