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Talent management

The difference we make

Our teams will help you think differently about how to manage talent in a fast-changing world. We can help you develop an approach that works as a powerful source of competitive advantage in your marketplace.


PA opinion

  • Learning in the gig economyImagine a world where the only full-time employee in a company is the CEO. A world of empowered entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals and freelancers who compete against each other for the next exciting new endeavour. Welcome to a world of a gig economy. 20/09/2017
  • Don't forget the human side of AI and automationAmid the excitement about lower costs and higher efficiency, it's easy to forget the impact AI and automation has on people and their careers, and your organisation's culture. 05/09/2017
  • Is succession planning dead?The figures are in. 50% of occupations will be redundant by 2025, 47% of all jobs could be automated in the next 20 years and 44% of CEOs are dissatisfied with succession planning. So this begs the question – is succession planning dead? 05/07/2017
  • Do leaders walk the talk on innovation? During our Psychology of Talent breakfast events, our HR audience discussed innovation. Many said that while their leaders talk the talk on innovation, few of them actually embrace it. Innovation was seen as something they should do and a key influence on their organisation's future. But few really focused on innovative ways to prepare for that future. 03/07/2017
  • Are you ready for the future of work?What does talent look like in a robot world? What would happen in a world where no one is directly employed by a company? PA's people and talent expert, Jennifer Cable looks at the different scenarios of what the future of the workforce could look like. 08/06/2017
  • Do you know your talent as well as you think you do? When it comes to companies' talent processes, are they focusing on the right things? To answer this question, PA spoke to a wide range of talented individuals at different stages in their careers and senior HR people. This gave us the chance to really explore what talented individuals want from their employer, to test if there are any differences by group, eg sector, stage of life, gender etc, and to understand what organisations are offering their talented individuals. 25/04/2017

PA in the media

What we can do for you

We’ll bring you the latest ideas from our market-leading research and fresh insight on leading practices from across the talent management space. We’ll create the practical tools you need to apply these ideas and find solutions to your most pressing talent management challenges.

Here’s what we can help you do:

  • Create a talent strategy - so everything you do comes from a consistent view of what talent means for your organisation
  • Build your talent analytics capability - so the decisions you make about talent are grounded in hard facts
  • Draw up a strategic workforce plan - to make sure your organisation has the capabilities it needs for the challenges ahead
  • Develop your leadership capability - to give you a balanced team to take the organisation forward
  • Clarify and articulate your offer for employees - we’ll make sure your offer ties in with what talent wants
  • Build career pathways to attract and engage the best - so that talented people want to stay and build a future with you
  • Develop a learning culture - to embed talent practice throughout the fabric of the organisation, at all levels.


Client stories

Client story

How we’ll work with you

We share our knowledge to help you develop your own capabilities to manage talent successfully. Our approach combines rigour and flexibility. That means our advice is always grounded in evidence from our market-leading research. But we make sure that any solutions we develop work for your unique challenges.


Find out more about our work in people and talent.

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