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People and talent

We will help you get the most from your talent in a future marked by continuous and disruptive change, with shifts in how businesses do things transforming what people will do at work. We will support your preparation for this change now - stand back and wait, and you’ll risk getting left behind. We will support you to prepare for this change now.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Embracing change - respond to change to improve performance and create value
  • Managing talent - find and organise talent that will help deliver your promises to stakeholders
  • Learning innovation – moving beyond learning, using digital resources to improve the performance of the workforce on the go
  • Empowering people - work with leaders to bring clarity and consistency to employee messages, exploit elements of storytelling to engage listeners and refine the tone and delivery of employee communication to maximise impact
  • Understanding workforce futures - stay abreast of the latest trends in the market to help inform your future workforce needs
  • Creating a high-performance culture - establish the right culture for the business you want.

We bring:

  • A notably different perspective that offers challenge, foresight and imagination - we are not afraid to question the status quo or the trendy fad
  • A deep understanding of how you can achieve performance through people – our strength is human psychology
  • Proprietary research and insight into ‘the power of people’ - we are active and authoritative commentators on the world around us; we back up our ideas with evidence and fact.

Our experts have a rich understanding of people and how they behave, clear analysis grounded in our extensive research and bold ideas backed by practical experience.


Experience Agile. Find out what Agile can do for your organisation.

Latest insights
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PA opinion

  • Learning in the gig economyImagine a world where the only full-time employee in a company is the CEO. A world of empowered entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals and freelancers who compete against each other for the next exciting new endeavour. Welcome to a world of a gig economy. 20/09/2017
  • Embrace automation and release your employees' creativityThe future of learning is automation. In the latest blog PA's People and Talent expert Charlie Kneen discusses how automation is changing the ways of learning. 15/09/2017
  • The new rules of engagement for an Agile environment Engaging and enabling people is key to the successful delivery of any transformation programme. When that delivery is Agile, stakeholder engagement needs to reflect the fast-paced, constantly changing and unpredictable nature of this approach. But Agile gives you a head-start as it has business change built in. Taking an agile approach has helped us to get engagement right and establish a credible and proactive feedback loop. 13/09/2017
  • Why the EU GDPR is a big deal for HR professionalsGDPR is a big deal for everyone, not least HR. HR will have a responsibility to ensure employees are GDPR compliant and know what their roles and duties are when handling any personal data, whether that belongs to their colleagues or customers. What's critical here is recognising that compliance with the GDPR boils down to changing behaviours of everyone in the organisation. 07/09/2017

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