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“We hope that this competition will help
encourage more young people and IT
professionals to use the Raspberry Pi to
experiment with computer programming.”


Home Raspberry Pi

Our Pi-making challenge to change the world through programming


Find our more about PA's new Raspberry Pi competition for 2013/2014

Last year, PA Consulting Group’s Raspberry Pi Competition challenged schoolchildren and university students from across the UK to put their technology skills, ingenuity and creativity to the test.Watch a video of the winning entries above.

Their mission? To use the Raspberry Pi – a low-cost, credit-card-size computer – to make the world a better place.

Following the incredible response to last year’s competition, we are delighted to announce the PA Raspberry Pi Competition for 2013/14!   



About PA's 2012/2013 Raspberry Pi competion  

PA Consulting Group and the Raspberry Pi Foundation teamed up to challenge schoolchildren, students and computer programmers to invent something using a Raspberry Pi - a credit card sized computer - to make the world a better place.

All entrants need is a Raspberry Pi and the drive to use (or learn how to use) basic computer programming to make an incredible difference to people’s lives.

Here are four examples of the kinds of things that entrants might focus on:

  • helping others reduce their impact on the environment

  • reimagining how people receive healthcare in the community

  • making it easier for people to work with ‘big data’

  • protecting IT systems from malware and malicious hackers.


About technology and innovation at PA

Our work in technology and innovation represents a unique combination of industry expertise and exceptional engineering capability. At our dedicated Technology Centre in Cambridge, UK, we create lasting impact for clients through consumer-led innovation, cost optimisation and business model implementation. Over the last 50 years we have been responsible for the development of many ground-breaking products whose influence is still felt today – from award-winning micrometers to the original brushless servomotor, from 4G wireless test equipment to the world’s first pre-filled disposable auto-injector.
Browse 50 years of PA technology and innovation

PA Consulting Group has a clear track record of helping companies deliver innovative, smart solutions built on modern technologies such as cloud, mobile or big data to support today’s fast moving business environment, cost-effectively. We have worked with a range of organisations including, the Met Office, the NHS, JC Decaux, Benevia, Balfour Beatty, an international pharmaceutical company and a leading consumer goods company.

Career opportunities at PA

Our 2013 Graduate Programme is now open for applications and we are always looking to hire bright thinkers at all levels in our firm. For more information and to explore the range of opportunities we have available please click here.


Mark Humphries
Product development and manufacturing
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