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"We believe that sourcing presents a real opportunity for organisations today, and that this in turn provides a personal opportunity for sourcing leaders and professionals".

Tim Palmer, PA's Head of Global HR Strategy and Transformation

Surviving and thriving in the economic crisis: the sourcing opportunity

Outsourcing and shared services techniques will prove their worth over the next 12 months. This short booklet, dedicated to shared services and outsourcing leaders, contains advice from our award-winning independent consultants on how to use sourcing techniques to emerge further and faster from the current economic environment.

After a decision-making stalemate coincided with the global downturn, sourcing activity – in all its forms, qualified and non-qualified – is again ramping up.

In an epilogue to PA Consulting’s handbook, Surviving and thriving in the economic crisis: a handbook for corporate leaders, we explore how four proposed steps that businesses should take to economically recover apply to the outsourcing and shared services industry. These are:

  1. secure liquidity – while initially counterintuitive, we share three sourcing techniques that can improve cash reserves

  2. adjust your business mix – changes to lines of business, products, customers and geographies stress the need for intentional flexibility in sourcing arrangements

  3. improve performance – it may be a natural business case for sourcing, but are common outsourcing assumptions still valid?

  4. take bold steps to secure the future – an organisational and personal opportunity awaits for those sourcing leaders who act bold.

To order your copy of the book and to let us know whether your experiences and ideas match ours, contact us now.