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"Shipping is the lynchpin of the global economy. Without shipping, intercontinental trade... would simply not be possible"

Source: International Maritime Organizations (IMO)

Mapping out maritime transport

Globalisation has seen a substantial increase in vessel and port capacity across the world. Shipping and ports are capital intensive by nature, so their capacities must be developed to balance investments with revenues and ensure high yields and utilisation.

We help our clients to:

  • Ensure profitable growth – we help shipping companies and port operators to develop to combat macro-economic challenges, environmental requirements and volatile demand. Strategies can include supply chain, business and market modelling and future scenarios.

  • Develop markets and services – we provide analysis on where to participate, how to compete and how to make a profit.
  • Plan the acquisition and deployment of all assets – from developing forecasting tools to ensuring investments are optimised, we ensure assets contribute their maximum capacity to overall profitability.

  • Improve productivity – we minimise the impact of downtime through contingency planning, and ensure existing assets work harder and smarter to improve financial returns, defer major capital programmes and find new ways to secure return on investment.

  • Guarantee a successful programme – we have extensive experience working as a trusted advisor and delivery partner for a range of processes. From implementing new IT in a business, to evaluating new financial platforms, we know how to make programmes successful.

Find out more about the exceptional results we achieve with our clients:

To find out how we can help you navigate the complex seas of maritime transport, contact us now.


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Søren Lehn
Maritime consulting
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