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"The UK Government’s Big Society offers a compelling vision of citizens, communities and businesses ‘owning’ their public services. If done well it could have spectacular benefits for public goals such as health, crime prevention and social care."

Rob Brown, PA local government expert

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Public Services e-journal

Welcome to PA Consulting Group’s public services e-journal. Our e-journal is focused on bringing innovative thinking to the strategic challenges faced by you as leaders of the civil service. Each issue looks at a different topic, exploring aspects of that topic and shares our latest thinking with you.

We also run regular public sector seminars throughout the year based around the e-journal topics. Previous sessions we've run include debating the latest strategy and policy agenda, tackling the challenges of public sector outsourcing and examining the latest trends in flexible resource management. We are also happy to run tailored events for specific departments on topics raised in the e-journal.

Our current e-journal focuses on Fit for the future.

Our previous issues include:

  • Targeting trust - In this edition, we explore the challenges of realising the changes recommended by Sir David Varney’s review of service transformation. With a move away from targets, we consider how trust and accountability can be used to empower professionals in the front-line of service delivery. We also introduce the System Reform Model and how its radical approach can be used to design policy, keeping citizens as the central focus.

  • Social exclusion - In this edition, we explore the issue of social exclusion and suggest that making it a thing of the past requires a new take on policy. Traditional approaches treat individual symptoms whereas new approaches need to address all of the barriers to an individual's participation into society, but in a personalised way. We also introduce a radical new approach to designing policy - system reform - which adds demand-side considerations into the usual approach to citizen-centric government.

  • Information assurance - In this edition, we look at the week following the release of the Data Handling review and we tackle the challenging issue of Information Assurance. A stronger grip on Information Assurance is essential to maintain the public's trust in the Government's handling of the confidential personal data so vital in delivering 'joined-up' citizen services.

  • Working across boundaries - In this edition, we explore how the need for government departments and public sector delivery bodies to work in collaboration to effectively deliver services to citizens is ever increasing. This edition focuses on how public sector departments can overcome some of the challenges that joined-up service delivery can create.

  • Responding to the recession - In this edition, we explore the economic crisis - the worldwide scale, reach and complexity which has not been seen before - and its consequences that are only just beginning to be felt.

  • Trust in government - In this edition, we focus on the relationship between government and citizens and offer a number of practical points of interaction that we think could improve this relationship over the coming years.

  • Open innovation - In this edition, we focus on how the public sector can both use and stimulate innovation to improve the way it develops policy, delivers services and creates the environment in which the private sector innovation can flourish. 

To receive the full e-journal articles please contact us using the below email address. As such, we would welcome your feedback about individual articles, the e-journal concept itself or if you have a particular topic that you would like discussed please email your views to


To speak to a consultant about our e-journal please, contact us now.

Andrew Hooke
Government and public services
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