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Jon Crews
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PA launches latest IT Innovation 2020 publication ‘The future of work'

The latest issue of PA's publication ‘2020’, explores the future of work from an IT and employment perspective, and how it will change in the next 5-10 years as a result of maturing technology and shifting social attitudes.

Order your free copy of PA's 2020 publication.

The most successful companies have always been driven by innovation, allowing them to progress from simple corporate entities into global brands. In these uncertain times, organisations have come to realise that innovation is not only something for start-ups and new technology ventures it is the lifeblood of everyday business. Furthermore, innovation is not only about new product or service development; it encompasses new methodologies and working practices, and new ways to communicate and collaborate within and outside organisations.

In PA's view, the future of work will be driven by a new symbiosis of people and IT where intellectual capital is key. In 2020 we explore the future through different scenarios made possible by new technologies where employees and employers increase their working capacities without increasing stress and fatigue.

Near future - Augmented reality
Could a future of more leisure and time spent with friends and family, promised with the introduction of mechanisation, finally be here?

Medium-term horizon - Augmented cognition
Could there be a time when people use technology to take their message to the masses on an unprecedented global scale?

Long-term horizon - Social networking
What would happen to society and culture if we took an everyday technology away?

Order your free copy of PA's 2020 publication.

To find out how PA can help your organisation prepare for the future of work, please contact us now.