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Innovating with the next generation of web technologies

HTML5 and the next generation of web technologies are here. Large parts of these new, exciting web standards are implemented in all of the major browsers, including Internet Explorer, and on 1 June 2011, Google announced plans to stop supporting browsers that cannot take advantage of HTML5.

HTML5 brings power to the web, allowing developers to do things that were not possible before, like creating cross-platform web applications that can work offline. Meanwhile, the explosion in the number of mobile internet devices in use means more and more devices will access content every day. According to technology research company Gartner, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide by 2013.

These developments mean CIOs need to be prepared to innovate and use HTML’s new connectivity and other enhancements in their business's systems and products. They must also work with their system architects and developers to find ways to increase performance and reduce load on their server. And they must consider the security implications of these new technologies and how can they be mitigated.

Recently, we have helped one client to take advantage of HTML5 technologies to enhance the way the company engages with its customers and to help the company’s systems perform better using fewer resources. We designed and built an HTML5 application that receives real-time updates from the client’s systems, keeping customers up to date with the latest information. Our use of HTML5 also enables the application to run across a number of mobile devices, such as the iPad, with minimal additional effort. This enables the client to impress customers with real-time information on the move.

By establishing a platform, CIOs can look to HTML5 to engage their users and customers everywhere, combining the desktop and mobile experiences, and enhancing their systems with these new technologies.

To find out how to make the most of HTML5 in your organisation, please contact us now