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Devolution unlocked

Transforming public services

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Devolution is going to mean doing things differently. Very differently. Whether you’re running a business, managing public services or part of our current local or central government you have an exciting opportunity to transform people’s lives through this shake-up of democratic governance.

We make the difference

Innovation is the key. We have a long history of introducing and managing change. Of inventing things and making things happen. Of transforming things and developing strategies that work. We’ve delivered public sector reform, across all sectors and levels of government and through the stages of development and implementation. 

How to take advantage of the opportunities

New leadership

Traditional arrangements of top down leadership will have to give way to systems and networks where people at various levels will need to have a strong sense of ownership, responsibility and shared accountability. 

New relationships

The key to successful devolution is a successful local economy. That involves the private and public sector organisations working well together. It involves finding innovative ways of running services and using new technology to make them as good as they can be. It means forming new relationships and partnerships – with business models that clarify incentives and accountability.

New powers

The power of local decision making is that those affected are involved. Local stakeholders have a once in a lifetime opportunity to demonstrate that local people making local decisions is the most effective way to protect the vulnerable, promote wellbeing and create economic growth. The better everyone makes this work, the more freedom local people will have in future to shape their local economy and services.


Once budgets and the responsibility for running public services is in local hands, local politicians are going to be looking for approaches and organisations to deliver. In health and transport for example. Perhaps your organisation has the capacity to get more involved. There will also be new support available. How can you make sure you can take advantage of the opportunities devolution will bring?

We can bridge the gap between the public and private sector for medium and large businesses. We can work with the public sector to help local businesses grow – in their own region and internationally.

Public services

With new power comes new responsibility. Accountability for making things work will be clearer and closer to home, and communities will expect more. That will mean being more responsive, more efficient. How can you become more effective?

We can help you understand your customers, help you transform the way you work and make the most of how digital possibilities can enhance your services. We can help you find new ways to offer services that are better for people and contribute to economic prosperity.

Central government

With the process for devolution yet to be crystal clear, there’s uncertainty over how local systems will evolve, and the role organisations such as Local Enterprise Partnerships will play. But it is clear that there will be opportunities to create systems and relationships that improve outcomes. How can you establish new models for governance that make accountability clear? And don’t create bureaucracy?

We can help you design new operating models and make sure the transitions go smoothly.

Join our event

PA is proud to sponsor GovCamp Cymru, as part of our mission to transform public services across the United Kingdom. 

No agenda!
A GovCamp is an event, also known as an unconference, where the attendees lead the programme – there’s no agenda until the start of the day when people make suggestions for what they’d like to talk about.

Delegates then attend the sessions that interests them. The sessions may vary vastly by topic and style but all are intended to encourage conversation, learning from peers, creativity and collaborative working.

PA's position
PA will pitch a 3-minute idea to the audience for what promises to be an engaging and lively session. Follow us on Twitter for further updates.



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Contact us

For more information, please contact one of our experts below.

David Rees

David Rees
PA government expert

Email | LinkedIn 

Andrew Healey

Andrew Heley
PA government expert

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