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Charting a new course - maximizing the commercial value of healthcare investments

The ability to make good decisions on when and where to invest resources in new technologies for medical devices and pharmaceuticals is critical in today’s aggressive market.

But making the right choices from among the possibilities is challenging, because forecasting the future of human healthcare is complex and risky. 

At PA Consulting Group, we understand the science of device and pharmaceutical development so that together we can deliver the art of your healthcare strategy.

We do this by:

• Determining the main questions and unknowns with a healthy dose of skepticism
• Intelligently interrogating the volume of public and private information
• Interpolating and extrapolating to form a fact-based opinion of the issues
• Communicating recommendations for next steps.

Through our years of experience in these areas, we have learned that every problem we have encountered is individual to each client, but the desired outcome is consistent: value creation through investment.

Technology direction setting

Companies need a clear vision of the future possibilities in the near and long term.  PA helps point the way by:
• Determining areas of opportunity and which enabling technologies to explore
• Understanding market trends and promising technologies
• Identifying, quantifying and mitigating risks within the context of company culture.

Competitive scouting

From the inside, it is sometimes hard to objectively evaluate your own company, your competition or your customers.  PA aids the search by:
• Evaluating target competitors and customers
• Producing quantitative benchmarking reports
• Understanding qualitative perceptions of what makes one product preferred over another
• Conducting interviews and market research to support or refute the propositions.

Intellectual property surveying

PA conducts detailed search and analysis of applications, patents, copyrights, know-how and other property by:
• Mapping to understand the metes and bounds of the intellectual property
• Understanding the gaps and areas of opportunity to exploit
• Assessing which technologies may be profitably licensed or sold.

Target due diligence

As subject matter experts, PA protects your staff from sensitive or confidential information and conducts in depth technical reviews of a target company by:
• Evaluating potential acquisitions confidentially
• Developing expert technical opinions supported by evidence as to the importance of the target
• Qualifying the challenges, opportunities, constraints and missing elements through robust gap analysis.

If you would like to know more about maximizing the value of healthcare investments,
please contact us now.